Méline Lafont – Melchizedek – The Merkabah Alignment, An Update – 31 July 2013

MélineMelchizedek received on July 29
I greet you cordially, my beloved brethren and friends of the Light. As I talk to you today the alignment and the formation of the so-called Merkabah takes place around your planet and straight off I can confirm that everything is expanding beautifully to a higher and more refined light.
Your planet Earth, your beloved Mother Gaia, has been able to get Her needs and help out of this powerful alignment which provides the highest degree and the most refined energies of the Light. Deceit and the powers of the dark are now completely out of the picture; this truly is a pure day of Love and Light, we feel it that way and you do too. This is a most pure and blessed day for all of you as well as for us and for the whole of the universe. My beloved ones, you really have no clue whatsoever what this day will cause to take place in yourselves and in your reality as at this precise moment, everything is still in the process of being totally absorbed and integrated in your cells, in your Being, in your Hearts and in your Eartly incarnations.
Litterally bombs and inpourings of Love and cosmic Light are being sent out through your hearts and your earthly vessels/tempels of Light in the most powerful way ever. The heart is capable of absorbing everything very well and instigates every particle of this cosmic essence into an activation, an integration and into becoming a part of yourself. Your heart can cope with everything for it is not only your means of existence in a physical incarnation, it is furthermore the most important element taking care of Ascension because your heart steers everything  and contains everything to help you evolve further and transform. My beloved ones, the heart is the mirror of your Being, of your true existence and the more you are One with yourSelf, the more loving your heart will feel and be.
These days the ego is being tackled quite roughly and it will try to play dirty tricks on you so as to convince you to stay in the illusion which has provided a comfort zone to you for so many years. Well, my beloved ones, there is no more room nor is there any time left to continue on with this comfort zone and the moment has come to come out of your familiar shell, having complete trust in the new way of life and to reach out for it. It is here and fully ready to merge with you into one consciousness. Everything that is being released today (July 29th – merkabah alignment) and brought to activation within you will be decisive for your further evolution and will denote your path which will be ready and which will be found.
You have traversed a long road in a remarkable short time since the last alignment that occured last December and what a distance you have covered, beloved ones?! It really is mind-blowing how magnificent you have become within your self-development. And how many of you have been able to bring about their own essence? This is incredible to say the least! You are all to be congratulated and I express my genuine gratitude!
Allow yourself the time these coming days to deal with these energies of the 29th. of July as it always requires some days for the energies to have a hold on an individual level and globally on the world. One person will feel these energies more and/or sooner than another but one thing is for sure ; that is that everyone will feel it; it is just handled differently, a fact that is decisive for your individual process and for your reality.
In case you have been concentrating on your individual process in order to integrate yourself more within your cosmic aspect or within your true Self as an essence: than you can expect the first influences to come into your life which will bring you to who you really are. You will feel an urge towards individual growth and you will be brought to paths that you presumed never having walked before but which nonetheless feel so familiar. This is due to the fact that you have already walked those paths before, and this will bring aspects in your life which will evoke the remembrance of them. Everything is well!
In case you have been concentrating on the world process of Mother nature and of humanity with the changes that are associated with humanity, than you will be more capable to begin working globally in the service of humanity and of Mother Gaia. Depending on what you focused on that day of the Merkabah will become your reality for it is empowered by the inpourings of the cosmic Light. Continue working with those energies which are now stored in your cells and in your heart as they are not yet finished and are as powerful now as they were on the day of the alignment. Use them well, use them first and foremost in Love as Love empowers the original, already powerful cosmic energies a thousandfold. You are the co-creators now and that is no fairy-tale; rather, it is the level that you have reached now in your consciousness.
The further course of all of this within the divine Plan and within Ascension depends on those energies and how you as individuals and as humanity will deal with them. So a totally new and blank page is turned over now and will be written on for the first time. It is not a rewrite of history but a totally new beginning! Congratulations and my heartfelt thanks for holding the fort for so long, never giving up. We have arrived and are now clearly putting our first steps in the new world!
I greet you most sincerely, Master Melchizedek.

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