AbsoluteDataExchange – Open Letters To The Banking System – 1 August 2013

57d62-absolutedataexchangeOpen letter to the banking system of America and the World

ATTENTION: Immediate changes in effect regarding account no’:____________in the name of: _______________

It has been made painfully clear, to the general public, especially over the last few years, that the banking system in this country and, as a matter of fact, accross the globe is ruled by a very select few, who have terrorized the common people, in the last century or so, through their insatiable lust for power through control of the monetary system.
How is it that the federal reserve can print fake dollars at nausea to pay their bills and the US can even forfeit any payment, unpunished, while any ordinary Joe, even if they are only one day late with a payment, are being punished for this harshly?
How is it, that the banks give us a mere few pennies interest (at best) for our deposits while they make many times over the amount of money from said deposits?
How dare they charge us 20 +% interest on credit cards while they meagerly allow us a few percent in return?

We see you! It is us who have empowered you by our gullibility and our money; it is by the sweat on our brow and our blood and tears that you have built your emporium and it will be by our free will that you will be dismantled!
If it is true that we have allowed this misery to happen through our own weaknesses, so it is equally true that we now will make known that through our renewed insight we will undo all that we have done and you will cease to exist!

As from now on, all business will be conducted according to natural law, there will be:
No. 1: no more interest charge at all hence forth;
No. 2: with my payment I will deduct the amount you dare charge me on interest and all other “charges and fees” from the previous period: my current payment will thus come to: $_____-/- $_______(interest and fees/charges this period) = $______;
No. 3: moreover, from the current balance due (as falsely stated in your last statement) will be subtracted the ENTIRE amount of interest, (as well as other fees and charges, including late fees) charged over the LIFE of this account. This amount will be subtracted from the current balance and the amount thus derived from this will hence forth be the total of the new balance due, as follows: previous balance -/- payment this period -/- all accrued interest and fees and charges (including late charges), for a total amount of $_____, arriving at the NEW balance of $_________;
These new rules are in effect immediately and will not be reversed until an entire new banking system is instituted and approved by the people.
No. 4: the above is justified by natural law, which states that no one shall interfere with the people’s divine right to sovereignty and the pursuit of happiness for the people;
No. 5: lastly: the above in NO way, shape or form excuses you from being held accountable for the crimes committed against the people and the planet, by this bank and its cronies in the banking system, whether federal, global, private or otherwise.

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