Kiri Campbell Released – Court Date In October – 1 August 2013

Kiri Status Update – According to the Free Kiri Campbell facebook group, and a post by Paul Burch, at approximately 4pm on August the 1st 2013 Kiri was released awaiting her up coming Court Appearance in October. It is suspected the foreclosed court system which was put on additional notice last week, is attempting to use this extra time to strategize. No other details related to Kiri’s Original Deposit of 15,000,000 Units or additional charges are available at this time.

(If you have not read about Kiri’s story before browse the article list below which details her DOV deposit process, initial court appearance and more).
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Original Facebook thread from Free Kiri Campbell:
DON’T BE DECEIVED! This is definitely a GREAT win, but only a small win. Kiri being released is nothing short of fantastic, but this fight is a long way off being complete.

1. NOTHING has been revealed about the corruption of the banks and the government and how they have placed their people in a slavery system. This will soon come out!

2. Kiri has been set to appear before the court in October. In my opinion, I believe the system is strategising on how they are going to STOP the TRUTH from being revealed.

3. I firmly believe AS SOON as they have their strategy in place, they will take steps and most likely arrest Kiri before her court date. This fight is a LONG way off being finished. Think about it? Their ONE objective is to NOT allow the TRUTH to come out. They will do ANYTHING to STOP it from being revealed. Today they were in “Damage Control” as they knew that they had to release Kiri because they were digging a deeper hole with their corruption. Don’t think they will just forget this! Kiri did NOT take this fight away from her children and into a prison to NOT have the TRUTH come out!

Kiri is in GREAT spirits and she knows how fortunate she is, that all of you have stood beside her. She is a strong lady and she is just charging her batteries now, getting ready to fight and reveal the truth of what is really happening to the people of your great land and the rest of the world.

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