Lisa Gawlas – A New Day Begins… – Intensely And Completely! – 1 August 2013

lisagawlas2More than anything in all this world, I love getting full understandings of… well… anything!!  The more we can fully understand a “spiritual” concept (as opposed to those earthly ones) the more fully we can apply and LIVE those concepts as a way of life.  Once applied as a way of life, all of life changes for our personal selves and all those around us and releases more spiritual concepts to begin to “live.”

Yesterday morning, after dropping my dear friend off at the airport, I went into North Albuquerque to my favorite car wash.  For $7.99 these wonderful people wash and hand dry your car, vacuum the entire interior, wash all the windows and clean the dash-board and doors of the car too.  I LOVE this affordable car wash!!  Sadly, I had to wait an hour and a half before it even opened (it was only 7:30 am.)  One of the restaurants had a wonderful breakfast buffet so I decided to treat myself while I waited.  As I sat there enjoying my breakfast, this intense wave of absolute love blew into me and wrapped itself around me.  It was as surprising as it was beautifully intense.  The gratitude in my heart, grew.

With my car sparkling clean and my tummy full, I headed back to the Mesa.  I recently downloaded an audio book by Carlos Castaneda entitled the Journey to Ixtlan the Lessons of Don Juan and have been listening to it while in my car.  For the last few chapters, Don Juan was trying to teach Carlos about the land and how some spots are not good for you and other spots are very good for you.  Of course, in the beginning, Carlos kept choosing spots on his walks with Don Juan that created anger and a feeling of being upset anytime he stopped to rest.  Like any good student, we learn by experiencing the opposite effect first.

During this episode of his story, they were hiking some mountain in Mexico and it was time to rest.  In this spot, Carlos was finally able to feel the communication in the wind, the energy of the plant life around him and the utter feeling of joy within it all, including himself.  Don Juan told Carlos that this place on this mountain was now his, forever.  This place was his power spot and he can come here anytime he wanted.  Don Juan also made sure to advise him that with ownership (spiritually speaking of course) of this place on this mountain comes much responsibility.  Don Juan said it is now Carlos’ responsibility to take care of everything that is here in this place.  To take care of the bugs, the rocks, the wild life, the dirt…. EVERYTHING.  His next sentence hit home in a way I have not felt in a very very long time:

When you take care of everything that is here, then everything here will take care of you.

For the first time really, I understood my life here on the Mesa.  Everything about my life has changed so much, so beautifully since the very day I moved into this place and called it Home.  In the moment I heard this profound sharing of Don Juan to Carlos, I watched the last 20 months of exchange of life here on the Mesa in my own personal world.  I moved here in January 2012 and my heart-felt so strongly to buy bird seed and feed the birds thru the winter.  The birds, the squirrels, the chipmunks and bunnies came out of the woodwork to feast on the seeds and the joy in my heart increased 100 fold as did the wildlife that arrived to be nourished.  When spring came, my heart desire went to the potential of hummingbirds… I wasn’t sure any would show up, so I only bought a small 4 hole feeder.  By the end of the hummingbird season, I think every hummer that hangs in the Jemez knew there was an abundance of nectar hanging out in front of my kitchen window.  I went from feeding 3-4 hummers to well over 30 every day, all day long.  My heart swelled so big in the constant exchange of life here.

When I first moved into my home here, there were about 3-4 daddy long-legged spiders that took up residence in my bathroom.  I let them stay there, within months I had a whole community living in my bathroom.  One of the first visitors here said she counted 22 spiders as she sat and went potty.  Shortly after that, I reduced the population of spiders living joyfully in my bathroom.  I really didn’t mind them at all, they stayed at the top of the ceiling and were really good at clearing out any other bugs that wanted to live inside too.  But with more people coming to visit, the spiders needed to find a home elsewhere.

Another perk that goes with living out in the “wilderness” (smile) there is no sense of duty to rake leaves or cut grass or anything that comes from the perception of life living wildly and freely as less beautiful.  I could feel the joy of the leaves as they fluttered to the ground in the fall and snuggled to all the other leaves that were once hanging from trees.  I picked up a rake once and then never again.  Interestingly enough, the leaves do not accumulate in my immediate backyard, but instead, they lay all around the outer circle of the backyard.  I can feel their joy and appreciation as I walk on them to head to the river.

This innocent, yet profound relationship that happened so naturally, is the very reason my entire life changed.  Take care of everything here… and everything here will take care of you.  

Every ounce of my life, since moving here to my heaven in the Jemez, has been abundantly provided for.  Never in excess, but always more than enough at all times.

If my own heart wasn’t full enough by the time I arrived home to do my first reading, the day was about to expand its profound understanding.

My first reading of the day (another day of nothing but men on my schedule) was MIA.  My second reading of the day I could not get a single visual on.  I knew it wasn’t me, I was perky and very connected, yet… nadda.  Except when we talked about what was happening in this moment.  July 31st connecting to August 1st.  I suddenly seen these two months like half elongated circles touching each other and then a little bridge formed just above the area where the two circles met.  Bridging one energy system to the next.  What more did that mean?  I was about to find out with my final reading of the day.

The one thing I did understand was that the last three days of July was about releasing the energy bubble into the extended created field of life of all people.  I also understood that the first three days of August was going to reflect the embodied energy of what that means to each person, altho, I have no idea how that will be displayed.

When my third connection arrived, I had already forewarned him we may not see anything at all today and explained why.  But, as I usually do, I attempted our connection anyway and I am sooooo grateful that I did.

As I had seen in my previous attempt to read, two partial circles were laid on the ground at the “present” or “now” moment on the field.  I knew they represented the energy of July and the other August.  I watched as my new man on the field walked from the area of his west field to the center of his field, to his center path, and directly in the area between the energy of July and the energy of August what spirit is now calling: Zero time.  His body was in the now familiar silhouette image, having just infused the energy he needed from the silo of his soul into his body, the silhouette image shows that he has no idea what has just been infused in me and spirit was not going to tell him (yet) thru my nosy eyes!   But they also gave us some incredible and exciting information in this regard as well.  When he goes to sleep (last night) the energy he is carrying in his biology will all be turned on.  His team explained how much really happens in our sleep time and how important that time is in our own evolution of Being.  So much work can be done with the mind is completely at rest.  There are times, when the energy that is happening is so profound that the mind must be stirred often, so sleep comes in spurts and sometimes (which has been my case pretty much the last couple weeks) we only get a little sleep so the groggy mind is awake but not interactive with what is happening.  All of this, vitally important to the process at hand.  Each person being unique, will experience whatever process is best for their own evolution within their Biology.  Allowing is key!!

This was my first ever connection with this precious man, so many of the ways I talk/describe what I am seeing and understanding with him was new to him so he asked a lot of “clarifying” questions, for which, I am really grateful, because something HUGE became even more clear in his desire to understand.

For the last year, at least, there has been the energy of two aspects of our lives.  The inner heart field and the outer heart field.  The way I (attempt) to explain the difference between the two is very much like view the double torus around the body.  (See picture below)Heart-Electromagnetic_field

If we can look at the smaller sphere of energy that extends directly from the heart, your created life is also represented there which includes your biology, your very close relationships (for me, it would be my kids, grandson, dad, my landlady, the life out in the field… etc) your home (if you love it) and the landscape around your home (again, only if you love it) even your job if it produces the energy of deep love from your heart.  Mine does, so it is very much included in my inner heart field.  Think of it like all the things that produce intense love in any given moment within your life.

The outer sphere I call the outer field of your created life.  For example, when I go to Walmart or anywhere outside of my home.  It is very much a part of my created life experience, but I have very little control of what shows up in that area for my broader experience.  What is in my inner heart field, I have brought to me thru my feelings, of which I am in constant and complete control of.

In explaining this to my precious man and then explaining the importance of the released energy of the bubble… I realized that the magnetic field that has been so strong in our inner hearts, all that we manifest and create in that space, is now just as intense and creative beyond our inner heart fields.  The energy, the magnetic fields are now one massive field of creation.

Which mean, quite literally, all that you take care of there, will take care of you.  Or better stated, all that you LOVE there, will LOVE you back.

Think about how profound this understanding is, especially to those who has released any and all judgement from their energy system.  To LOVE even what seems to be beyond your control, fills your life with LOVE back.  LOVE itself is the creation of ALL life.  So if there is something in creation your heart desires and you have no judgement what so ever about where it may arrive from, you are free to experience “that” in your life.

Those still cleaning up their energy systems, their judgement about, well, anything, will start to see where they need to release that energy up close and personal.  Things will be withheld only due to the energy of judgement within your own heart.  The interference pattern is going to pick up 10 fold and not just for those who consider themselves “spiritually aware,” but for ALL life in all timelines.

The game has picked up with Divine Purpose.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of at this moment, something HUGE rebooted yesterday into today.

About 15 minutes after I finished my incredible connection with this man, I sat on my couch to process and expand the sheer profoundness of information that came thru our repetitively brief connection.  The moment I started to process, I swear something reached inside my body and completely pulled an energy plug from me.  I went from completely energized to totally crashed in a nanosecond!!  I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I laid down to take a nap.  As I stretched out, I head a huge crash into one of my windows.  I didn’t have the energy to even get up.

My nap didn’t last long as my landlady came knocking at the door.  We had agreed to hike the Mesa together after the last reading of the day was done.  I couldn’t, not even if I tried real hard.  She went alone.  The moment she headed up the Mesa by herself, the energy started to restore itself to my body.  How strange!!  What was even stranger was the pure electrical current that was suddenly moving up my core.  Holy freakin vibration batman!!  Again I say, it’s unfair (sometimes) we have over 6000 nerve endings housed in our clitorious, because when the electrical field amps up, the nerves fire like crazy.  Yup… that’s all I am gonna say about that!!  (grin)

When she came back, she acknowledged that she needed to go alone, and even had a little soak in the river.  As she and I walked from the backyard to the front of the house together, we had seen something that just made us stop in our tracks.

At the front right corner of my house I placed a folding table and Andrea’s orgonite plate and pyramid (mostly so I didn’t have all that energy in my house with me, not good for sleep really.)  That energy stayed there until the night before Andrea was going to fly back to Switzerland (which she flew back yesterday.)

Well, it became very apparent what that huge thump was at my window, a bird.  I am sure it died instantly upon impact but where and how it landed, holy cow even.  This bird, a spotted towhee (a large, new world sparrow) was laying on the table that now only had a dirt outline of where the orgonite circle once was.  I have taken some pictures:



To land three feet back from the window and directly within the center of that circle… my landlady and I both realized there was a much bigger message happening, but what was it?

This bird is now the third thing to have died, or transformed itself over this last week starting with a mourning dove leaving all its feathers in half of the fire pit, then the scorpion (which neither my landlady nor I ever seen here before) and now this bird.

Something “final” felt present.  But what??   I had no idea.

This morning I woke up to intense rolling thunder at 4 am.  I really wanted to go back to sleep, but that presence within wasn’t having it.  I watched the lightning show for a few moments and knew that whatever storm we are in, was close because there wasn’t even a moment between the lightning and the thunder it released.

At 4:45 am, with a sudden flash of lightning and the roll of thunder, our electricity went out (and remains out now, just before 9 am.)  Talk about a reboot on all levels here.  It feels so fitting and so… complete.  For the last few weeks spirit has been saying August starts everything new, the only aspect of the past that will be present is whatever we drag into it.

As I ponder all that has taken place in this last week, something comes to the forefront of my mind that I said (or better stated, was said thru my mouth) to Andrea.  Isn’t it great to live in an interactive universe and instantly, it takes on a fuller, more enlarged meaning.

Going back to the above understanding of our entire created life field and that truly haunting phrase of “take care of all that is here, and all that is here will take care of you.”  How much do we serve out in the extended field of life.  People we do not know, animals that are not ours, energy systems we may not like or even agree with.  Not with the thought anything needs to be fixed or healed… but purely loved.  No agenda in the love.  Loving for the simple reason you cannot help it.  To take out of your own storehouse and give it, unconditionally to all that you meet, whether it be a hug to someone sad that you have never met before, a ride to a hitchhiker, money to someone with their hand out, purchasing things made in china because you love and want the Chinese people and their economy to grow in all ways as well.  To allow those in the midst of sudden and rapid growth to work out the kinks that growth presents.  To find and own their own inner power, discover their own loving boundaries, just as each of us had to do.

To love and know deep in your heart, that everything outside of you is You looking back into your own heart.

As I ponder the enormity of what is revealing itself in understanding this morning, I suddenly see “the eye of the needle” out in the front of my house, exactly where that orgonite structure was and the bird who tried to fly thru it was.  It is in direct alignment with my driveway as well as my backdoor (which is where I do our readings thru) as well as the beautiful and powerful energy wheel Andrea created at the upper part of the Mesa.  I have already realized those orgonite structures pull the base energies of Life into the higher energies of Life.  A pull of energy to all who pass by, into the higher realms of energy… moving thru the eye of the needle, the eye of horus, and expanding all within the core of any given person.  Like the precious bird who became a true representative of how powerful this pull is… the energy will be pulled thru, even at the risk of death.  For some, that will become a literal death, for most however, a purely transformational death.  A death to to old energy, the old separation, the old power systems.

I just took a ride into town to get an email out to the first two people on my schedule and also, recharge my computer battery so I can keep sharing, and as I returned back to my corner of the world here, the top of the Mesa was incredibly aglow.  All around it were dark clouds and fog. even the lower part of the Mesa structure was obscured by fog, but the top… the way the sun was peeking thru the cloud cover, radiated an energy that feels so new, so…. Light with consciousness of its own, in a way that was not there before this morning.

This is already a very exciting month and it is only day one!!

On that note, I am going to close and take a ride back into town so I can get this published and write to the rest of the folks on my schedule today since we are still without power.

((((HUGZ)))) of tremendous awe and intense Love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Interesting… the image of the clouds and the sun and that tree was placed at the top of the sharing as the main art, after I published I realized it was embedded elsewhere in the sharing and not at the top.  I was just now going to delete it from where it was placed, and spirit is like.. we put it there on purpose.  So I will use it twice then.  Gotta love that interactive universe!! / link to original article


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