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How much trust do you carry around with you everyday? We are part of a misinformed world right now that has been led around by the nose and fed a steady diet of lies so it is no wonder we hold very little trust in our hearts, but we must grow up and resolve that! We can’t blame the state of the world on that forever just like we can’t blame our parents for all of our issues. We reach a point in life where we must grow up and accept responsibility for ourselves and for our world. It is time to rekindle our trust and set aside the fear and step out on the rock precipice that is set before us and breathe deeply. It is time to say I will no longer listen to the lies being doled out and I will trust MYSELF to know what is truth and what is not, I will trust myself to know best and will stand strong beside that person throughout the rest of my life. If we cannot find the strength and courage to stop listening to the lies and think for ourselves, we will not be able to create the new world we are traveling towards.

Thinking for ourselves is no different from anything else we learned how to do from infancy onwards, but if we do not engage in our own thinking on a daily basis we lose the skill and tend to rely upon others to think for us. A very dangerous place to be standing in! I often hear people struggling with something and they will say “But I don’t want to make a mistake if I do or don’t do” something… That is our first big lesson to learn I guess. There are NO mistakes! Everything we do in our lives is for a reason to carry us further down the path we are meant to be on. If your choice turns out to not be so wonderful, it is only because you were meant to learn something from that experience, then pick yourself up and move forward again. That fear of being mistaken is a myth and it is time to stop it.

If you listen to yourself and trust yourself, if you pay attention to the synchronicities that enter your life everyday and follow them and trust in them and listen to your heart and ultimately your soul and do what they are asking of you, you are headed in the very direction your life was meant to take. Mistakes as we call them are just brief detours or classes we are meant to learn from to further enhance our journey. Learn to let go of the need to feel assured and to take risks such as stepping out onto the rock precipice. Have faith all will be well with your decisions and do what you feel is right. / link to original article


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