DerSpiegel – Antje Windmann – Tackling Hardship: Beating FIFA At Its Own Game In South Africa – 3 August 2013

spiegelonline‘Amandla’ is a relatively modest, German-run football school in a Cape Town township. But unlike many well-funded projects in South Africa sponsored by FIFA since the last World Cup, the camp changes the lives of thousands of children.

Cape Town becomes a hellish place just behind Table Mountain. Only a few kilometers from the villas of the wealthy is Khayelitsha Township, a sea of mildewed corrugated metal huts and portable toilets spread across the dusty landscape.

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Here is a quote from the article:

But many experts and social workers in South Africa have become critical of FIFA’s commitment and are asking uncomfortable questions: To whom was money from the FIFA fund paid, and how much was paid? Why did it take three years to support the first projects? Who is finally going to repair the holes in the small Football for Hope pitch in Khayelitsha? / link to original article

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