Eileen Meyer – God Is Real, & Extraterrestrials Too – 3 August 2013

Created by Eileen M Meyer on August 2, 2013

I’ve been telling my story for over 7 years now – through original music, solo-performance, poetry and blogging. It’s time to write the book and speak about it. In reality, the book will reveal that it isn’t just my story, it’s our story. Up until 6 months ago I was steadily working for a living, performing jobs that I could do in my sleep while draining most of my creative being. It paid the bills… and it kept this writing project at bay. I’m also helping to produce a web series on natural healing, but it seems to have stalled out for a spell. So, now that I’m unemployed and utterly unable to find a new job, it must be time. I’m all yours my God! Please provide the sustenance I need to stay in my home and keep the electricity and internet flowing. I make myself available, and I will share the story of how I came to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are real. Oh yeah… and extraterrestrials are too.

The funds that I request are for living expenses as well as fees for self-publishing and initial marketing and promotions of the book – about 6 weeks time. After the book is published and available, I would absolutely love to do a speaking and concert tour. (That will be Phase 2!) Thank you for reading my blurb about my heart’s desire. And I thank you in advance for helping me to bring my story to the world, and to do my part in inspiring others to remember the love of our Creator, and the greater community or bandwidth of intelligence, compassion, and peace that we are all connected to.

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I will also draw from personal journals dating back to 1980 – chronicling my life of Kundalini and extraterrestrial contact, plus hundreds of text and audio files of the wisdom that would flow following these consciousness-expanding experiences. I have no shortage of materials from which to draw. I just need the time to put it together and the funds to self-publish (and pay my bills). My writing has been published in both international and online magazines. Feel free to peruse the samples below.

Writing Samples:

My Story: The waves of pure bliss would come in the darkest and quietest moments of sleep and dreamtime. I would become aware that something unusual was happening to me somewhere in the in-between time that my back arched up off the bed, arms and fingers outstretched, and the half-shouting, animal-like moaning sounds that seemed to be my body’s way of joyously thanking this primal love frequency… (more)

Blog Article: Harmonic Entrainment to the God Frequency

Kindred Spirit Magazine. Divine Feminine: A Cosmic Love Affair
Issue 84 – January/February 2007

Poetry: The Garden of This Soul, As the Old Story Goes,
The Serpent Wild, A Fault Called “Time”

Video: Awakening into the Natural World

An audio sketch/excerpt of my solo-performance piece: Aliens Know Stuff – a lesson about the choice between love and fear.

( Lucas : Eileen asks to help fund her book she want to write, you can help here in donating towards that goal on :  http://www.gofundme.com/God-is-Real-Book )

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