Lucas – Moving Towards A New Energetic Vibrational Frequency Reality – 3 August 2013

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From my observation post I express my view of all just being a level  of vibrational energy frequency. This makes the universe, multiverse and our reality in the present perceived at the level of your own energetic vibrational frequency as well as at that level of the collective energetic vibrational frequency.  There are many (I like the term not invented by me) : partners in contrast, that try to distort still reality on the levels they can.  But the success factor is losing out as the vibrational frequency energies to level up humanity’s and earth’s vibrational frequency are coming in in waves to make things shift in the inner space of you faster.  It is difficult to make things explained if we still are using words and language that is already in many ways a distorted and divisional tool. Therefore it is just the best for now I can do.

What is happening is all sorts of groups forming, connecting as well as disconnecting on the level of insight and vibrational frequency awareness.  The driving force behind all is though change coming from within or under chosen influence from outside forces. The old has still to be flushed from the memory and transferred to our collective awareness. The new YOU will start eventually after being transformed in that higher liquid crystal creator being that can exist in its body and go beyond dimensional reality issues now proclaimed to be a problem for humanity to grow beyond.  Our being is already has and will have more capacity than all that is in existence in the now. You have been fooled to belief you were lesser than those saying to be divine or more advanced in any way.  The truth is when we all are finishing our transformation we are going to be the new leaders of the new reality that will be. Not in the controlling or hierarchical sense but in the sense as loving teachers and way showers and of course creators and c0-creators.

What we as humanity in the now are doing is sources wish to bring the duality experience and all that kept  it still energetically running against the expressed wish of source to an end. We will though be able  to use the lessons of  our experience  and bring that what is already integrated in balance with us.  As new beings of the supreme source you will be. For a lot of humans the vibrational frequency level is though still perceived to be as you still call it in 3D/4D as in fact all realities are available and existing in the same space as well as in the same time (perception) in the now. We are in the wished for dimension already but have to bring our process to an end and have to bring our  perception  in total awareness of it.  It is  your transitioning process that goes on and on.  In that growth you will experience the different (multi)dimensions.  All is real and nothing is fake nor is it wrong or right. All exists in source and in us and all as part of that source equally. The expression though of you as your energetic vibrational frequency identity is that what  makes it is you and how you perceive things to be.

Coming back to our current earth those not being able to let go of their ended role try to keep going on the running out vibrational frequency energy that they need to exist and or use to control, manipulate or force things to be. The coming together of opposites to make things in a vibrational frequency energy sense work for all is what is now played out behind the scenes.  The bargaining chip though is still to keep holding on to (a piece of) the old  and that needs to get of the table to find a solution that will bring things back into the wished balance and good for all. The only way to tackle this is staying in the neutral space of unity within that knows no conflict nor prefers or has polarity issues.

The new reality is becoming clear soon as more and more people find their unification within as also with others. The co-creations of those groups that really go for a solution that has no polarity conflicts and are not based on old reality behaviour, thinking or form will survive and make a conceptual basis for new communal ways to live. The new concepts will evolve as our creational force will be growing and our real new abilities become clear. We though have to wait for all to manifest till we all and our earth will transition.

The worries of old systems becoming reality again need to be set aside as things move beyond that. As of now all that is played out is only the play within. It means the ones still playing the play will come to see their role and also will be making peace with it as well as with their surroundings and “perceived” opposites.  Playing on on an empty stage is not drawing a big audience and roles to play can become obsolete in the events and changes happening. It is this what will happen and we will see. You see it all played out now on the inside and on the outside.

The solutions are thus coming from within and those now sitting at the table of peace and reconciliation (behind the scenes)  and those still fearing to give up their own old role will have to choose between the  co-creation and good for all or move in a space were  no harm can be done anymore to all that is.  I do not speak of belief anymore as it is a word used that is linked to the not knowing all is totally as it is all at the moment of now.  I know things are coming to the center and will be unifying. I know that what is perceived as not being present even when it is all surrounding you in abundance will be an ending perception. Things now perceived in being transitional tools might become obsolete also. Our growth as humanity in vibrational frequency energy levels  is of an exponential growth acceleration.

See who you are really and know your are the power that runs your own reality  totally, even if you chose to give your power away.  You always can choose differently.  You are that being that has direct connection to source. Nothing and nobody that is or isn’t  can come between you and source. If you know that there is no need to go back and forth between all sorts of commitments or contracts you have been fully aware or unaware consenting to  as source and you  know what has ended already. So know all promises you made have ended also and know you have only a commitment to be you and the best human  you can be yourself and to be the best human to all that is. So know all is unbound in the moment of you knowing to be not bound.  It is the illusion of fear that makes you think you are believing still in being bound and not free. Freedom has been and is and will be always yours. The perception to belief otherwise is your choice.

Wonderful beings, I ask you all to be coming to the middle. Be searching within for the answers that let you know what is.  Find that balance point and have the courage to stop playing your old roles of division and extreme polarity and in controlling others.  Time that was created to control is no more. Illusionary creation is fading away into oblivion and only that what is will be seen as it is presented in full truth to all.

Love and Light in all its perfection and shades to you all,


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