Maastricht University – First-Ever Public Tasting Of Lab-Grown Cultured Beef Burger – 3 August 2013

Burger_(5919850158)Maastricht University –  First-ever public tasting of lab-grown Cultured Beef burger

On Monday 5 August, Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University will present a world first: he will cook and serve a burger made from Cultured Beef in front of an invited audience in London. The event will include a brief explanation of the science behind the burger. You can watch it live on 5 August, starting at 14.00.

World’s first test-tube burger: Do you want ketchup with that?

CNN Reports –  (CNN) — It cost more than $380,000 to develop — and doesn’t come with French fries on the side.

But the world’s first test-tube burger — grown in a laboratory from a cow’s stem cells — will be served in London next week.

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