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Lucas – Moving Towards A New Energetic Vibrational Frequency Reality – 3 August 2013

Drum_vibration_mode03(Picture Oleg Alexandrov)

From my observation post I express my view of all just being a level  of vibrational energy frequency. This makes the universe, multiverse and our reality in the present perceived at the level of your own energetic vibrational frequency as well as at that level of the collective energetic vibrational frequency.  There are many (I like the term not invented by me) : partners in contrast, that try to distort still reality on the levels they can.  But the success factor is losing out as the vibrational frequency energies to level up humanity’s and earth’s vibrational frequency are coming in in waves to make things shift in the inner space of you faster.  It is difficult to make things explained if we still are using words and language that is already in many ways a distorted and divisional tool. Therefore it is just the best for now I can do. Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – The Blessing Of Dis-Illusion-ment – 3 August 2013



by American Kabuki

It was 30 below in St. Paul the dark night Rodney rang me.  “Hey man, you gotta see this movie, I’m coming over!”  He didn’t say why he wanted me to see it, drove all the way from Eden Prairie to St Paul just to get me.  Rodney liked to do things just to watch my reactions.  He drove me out to a cineplex in Burnsville MN. The roads were icy and cold and I remember crossing that arched suspension bridge on I-35 West going over the Mississippi out of the Twin Cities and wondering if the tires would steer straight with all the ice.  I really didn’t want to go off the edge in the Mississippi that night.   The parking lot of the cineplex had at least 2 inches of ice on it. It was tough to walk without falling and busting my ass. Not a night I will ever forget.  “This better be worth it Rodney!”  “Oh man you will like this one!” he smiled and laughed. Continue reading

Eileen Meyer – God Is Real, & Extraterrestrials Too – 3 August 2013

Created by Eileen M Meyer on August 2, 2013

I’ve been telling my story for over 7 years now – through original music, solo-performance, poetry and blogging. It’s time to write the book and speak about it. In reality, the book will reveal that it isn’t just my story, it’s our story. Up until 6 months ago I was steadily working for a living, performing jobs that I could do in my sleep while draining most of my creative being. It paid the bills… and it kept this writing project at bay. I’m also helping to produce a web series on natural healing, but it seems to have stalled out for a spell. So, now that I’m unemployed and utterly unable to find a new job, it must be time. I’m all yours my God! Please provide the sustenance I need to stay in my home and keep the electricity and internet flowing. I make myself available, and I will share the story of how I came to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are real. Oh yeah… and extraterrestrials are too. Continue reading

Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For The Week Of July 30 – 3 August 2013

(Lucas :  Sorry, forgot to post this one and doing it now.) Uploaded on 31 July 2013 by Tom Lescher Continue reading

DerSpiegel – Antje Windmann – Tackling Hardship: Beating FIFA At Its Own Game In South Africa – 3 August 2013

spiegelonline‘Amandla’ is a relatively modest, German-run football school in a Cape Town township. But unlike many well-funded projects in South Africa sponsored by FIFA since the last World Cup, the camp changes the lives of thousands of children.

Cape Town becomes a hellish place just behind Table Mountain. Only a few kilometers from the villas of the wealthy is Khayelitsha Township, a sea of mildewed corrugated metal huts and portable toilets spread across the dusty landscape. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Secret Genetic Experiments Human-Animal Hybrids – 3 August 2013

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Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Ascension – Part 4 – Only If You Believe It – 3 August 2013


It appears we may not be leaving for Earth any time soon. Yet, isn’t time extinct in a fifth dimensional reality?
“Only if you can BELIEVE it?” responded the ever-present voice of my higher expression, the Arcturian.

John Ward – The Saturday Essay : Could The Manipulators Keep Up The Pretence Of Economic Health Indefinitely? – 3 August 2013

JohnWEveryone with any degree of intelligence must sooner or later come to question a fixed view they have. New information comes to hand, so if you’re Harriet Harman you completely ignore it, and if you’re Boris Johnson you bend the results….but the rest of us with an objective brain think, “Hmm.” Continue reading

CommonDreams – Public Citizen Applauds Senators for Introducing Legislation to Eliminate Taxpayer Subsidization Of Wall Street Bonuses – 3 August 2013


August 2, 2013
4:45 PM
CONTACT: Public Citizen

Phone: 202-588-1000

Public Citizen Applauds Senators for Introducing Legislation to Eliminate Taxpayer Subsidization of Wall Street Bonuses

Stop Subsidizing Multimillion Dollar Corporate Bonuses Act Would Close Loophole Which Allows Companies to Write Off CEO Bonus Pay Continue reading

CommonDreams – Abby Zimet – Massive Toxic Black Cloud, Brought To You By The Koch Bros, Blows Over Detroit – 3 August 2013

common-dreamsMInd-boggling video of a billowing, high-carbon, high-sulfur cloud from the mountain of petroleum coke – waste from Canadian tar sands shipped from Alberta to Detroit, and the dirtiest potential energy source ever – illegally stored by the Koch Brothers along the Detroit River. Produced by Marathon Refinery but owned by Koch Carbon, the pet-coke piles have for months been producing “fugitive dust” – ie: thick black crud – that blankets the homes of outraged residents and lawmakers; analysis shows the dust contains elevated levels of lead, sulfur, zinc and the likely carcinogenic vanadium. Environmental officials say the Koch Brothers broke the law by not getting a permit for their toxic dump, and they can’t guarantee there won’t be another “dust event,” but not to worry: The Kochs reportedly plan to move the mess to some other poor beleaguered place. We await the day we can exercise our right, not just to free expression and clean air, but to the end of Koch power. Continue reading