Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Step Forward Into The Life Of Your Dreams – 4 August 2013

LarryLarsonWhen you were just learning—suspecting really—that your thoughts and beliefs had something to do with the kind of life you were going to live, you began to change them. For many of you, you began to shift them away from mainstream popular beliefs about love and life, and generate some new ones of your own.

But those of you with the logical mindsets got the notion that somehow your beliefs had to make sense. You began to apply logical seeming processes to them, analyze them, try to decipher the cause and effect that would occur that would allow those beliefs to take you to a life of your dreams.

But you see, your beliefs don’t have to make sense. In fact, it’s probably better that you let go of the logical mindset connection that insists there must be some kind of physical cause-effect relationship in order to produce results. That’s where you disable your own vehicle you see.

Your beliefs can be self standing. They don’t have to rely on anyone else’s logic or beliefs. They don’t have to rely on any science to become truth. They don’t have to rely on any religion to become true in your experience.  Simply that you believe them is adequate.

But when you take away their inherent power by insisting that they follow someone else’s rules, or even your own rules that you have adopted, then they cease to be self-fulfilling. Now they must follow whatever logical or religious sequence that you have applied to them. “Oh”, you say, “this can be true, but I must atone for my sins first.” “Oh, this can come true, but I have to become the best salesman in the company first.” It’s always something else that must happen first before you will allow your dream to become reality.

That was trained into you, you know. They taught you that you had to be the best first in order to become rich. They taught you that you had to be forgiven first before you could be one of the chosen ones. Most of those beliefs that you apply after the fact are adopted from someone else; your teachers, your parents, your society, that taught them to you. When you began to rebel against their line of thought you selected new improved beliefs that would launch you into the next arena of your life experience…and then you began to question the logic of your own beliefs.

But there is none you see. Law of attraction occurs before the emergence of the physical, and what you call logic emerges after the appearance of the physical. It’s totally out of it’s realm. Logic is absolutely unnecessary in nonphysical terms.

So you are free to have as logical of a belief system as you want: You may create as you wish. But you are also free to have an illogical, magical belief system if you wish and the Universe will shape itself to meet your creation.

You cannot serve two masters though. Either you believe in miracles, and the magic of a Universe that bends to shape itself to your thought, or you believe in logic and limitations…so called natural laws. You see, there is nothing that caused those beliefs to have any more validity than your own, other than that a lot of people believed them. They are self-fulfilling in that regard. If you are to abandon them, you must abandon them totally, for the one will undermine the other.

Stop making sense. Stop trying to force rational belief systems onto what is inherently irrational…but true. Stop trying to rationalize your belief system to anyone else. You don’t have to justify anything to anyone. You are creator. The Source of ALL Being is behind you 100%…and being that Source is infinite he can be 100% behind every one of you.

The rationalists receive a rational life because they believe it. If you believe you get what you deserve then you will only get what you believe you deserve.  Let go. Let go. Let go. And step forward into the life of your dreams, even if it makes no sense.

~ Twelve / link to original article


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