Lisa Gawlas – The Movement Of New Life Into You Is At Hand – 4 August 2013

lisagawlas2I have got to celebrate when I take a bath first thing in the morning and the first thing I am shown is windshield wipers clearing my view to the field of life.  I was so excited to see that, I couldn’t even meditate beyond that.  I don’t think I was ever more disappointed when my first reading of the day was MIA.  I have been chomping at the bit to see how all this new energy is going to come into play and reveal itself and I had to wait an extra hour before the big reveal was going to happen, just when I thought I had patience mastered!!  lol

I was so grateful my second lady was a full hour connection, we needed every moment of that time and a little bit more.  Not only is the field new, the imagery super new, so was my beautiful lady, it was my first connection ever to her.  New was just oozing out of this precious and exciting day!

Before I share the details of what our huge shift looks like to me, I did my very best to put an image together so you can follow along.  As always, please forgive the extreme humbleness of my creation:

platform of life

Even tho my image is very flat, there was nothing flat about any of the imagery.  The round platform itself was raised up from ground maybe about 6 inches or so (going to scale of my vision.)   I know the degree (or lack there of) means something important, but with only two readings under my belt, I am not 100% clear on its relevance… yet.

The coloring was very important, as I knew it would be.  The dirty yellow color was the emergence of the unified beginning of working in tandem with her soul energy.  The sprinkled energy of black (and equally, the very reason her yellow looked dirty) was so much of the unknown aspects of her new agenda, her new way of living in life, is still embedded outside of the consciousness (both hers and mine!)

The dividing lines were not really lines at all, but thick wide (wider than I have pictured, but not much wider) streams of the deep unknown.  These streams sectioned up her life platform into four equal sections.

She started out on the East field section, her left foot (as she was facing forward) as close to the black stream as she could get without falling in.  I knew she was deep into her East field (had already planted new seeds of life experience.)  For 32 years she was a cardiac nurse and a few months ago, started to put the energy into the groundwork of her life to change what she does.  She is the in the midst of leaving the nursing profession to become a Health focused life coach.

My whole energy field got so excited because I can feel how important her transition into her new field of life endeavors was.  She spent 32 years really understanding the heart energy of people; Why the heart breaks down and the rehab that it takes after surgery.  This new aspect was so important to her own life story, she herself underwent heart surgery 5 years ago.  From my experience and understandings, the greatest teachers are the ones who went knee-deep thru the experiences and teachings there will one day share.

I find her numerology so incredible surrounding her moment in time.  She worked this profession for 32 years, which equals a 5 vibration… CHANGE.  Her own heart surgery journey was 5 years ago… again, change.  She has worked for the current company for 11 years, which is spiritual illumination.  That 11 was radiating in the middle of her two 5′s.

As we understood the importance of her placement on her field of life (and I must say, the entire field had an “aliveness” to it, which I am sure is going to become more important as we get deeper into August) I watched as a large arm and hand came down from above, wrapped its fingers around her belly, picked her up and moved her across the black divide and set her down onto the West field.

This understanding is one of the most important aspects of her entire reading (for all of us.)  That arm and hand was the guiding hand of her soul.  It wrapped itself around her belly and this morning, I realize I missed some very important information.

First and most important, her soul is taking her where she needs to go, without her own need to know.  This morning, I realized my first two days of August energy experience was to show the relevance and communication system that is going to be an important awareness for all of us.

The up-flow of energy thru our root chakra is the energy of the earth enhancing our movement on the platform of our life.  The down-flow of energy expanding out radiating field of biology, is the soul movement at hand.  Hence seeing her soul hand wrap around her belly, she will feel the pull of energy and her job is to follow the flow without the mind engaged (with the why’s, the should I’s and so on.)  From what I felt and witnessed with her, she has such an intimate connection with her soul mind that nothing was worried about the mind getting involved.

When she was placed on her West field with her right foot standing as close to the black divide as it could get, I felt the release of energy from her storehouse, or silo of energy, that will start to bring to life all the seeds on her east field.  She was even given a timeline of when she should start to feel and see the energy of growth… 5-11 days from now.

The moment I wondered, what happens after that, once again, her soul hand moved her body to a place that felt like the 14th of August.  Which now placed her at just before the black divide at the center of her stage of life.  The first thing I had seen happen took my breath away.  I could see this green thing emerge out of the center of the black divide on her West side in what looked like a snake pattern.  It grew upwards about 2-3 feet in a connected S pattern.  Suddenly, this crazy looking flower, a single large blood-red flower head emerged.  The closest thing I can describe it as is a cross between a rose and a tulip (deep passionate love and new beginnings, and so much more than that too.)  I asked what this meant to her and her team was very clear in responding “her new flower of life.”  So, then, whats with the crazy stem??  It represents the energy of a sine wave.  Ohhhh man…. science again!!  I have already forgotten the details that came thru several months ago about the sine wave.  I made a note to look it up before we finished.

I do not recall what triggered the next image, but the understanding is clear in me.  The bridge shown in the picture is her “deformation” point.  This bridge is a 3 day event (as all huge changes seem to be) and if I am remembering her dates correctly, go from August 15, 16, and 17.  With the 16th putting her directly over her new flower of life.

As we started talking about that strange word “deformation” and what it means to her point in time mid-august, I was watching her crazy flower stem.  It would elongate, then contract, it kept changing it’s shape was we talked.  Never leaving the S pattern, but I felt that the energy was changing in relationship to our conversation.  The one thing I do remember (sorta) is the patterns of a S wave change with speed and velocity, or at least it does for her!!

She was advised (several times) to go into meditation, recreate this image of her bridge and her new flower of life, and allow that flower to move up and into her from her root chakra.  She agreed to do that.

I could not see what the other half of her stage of life was holding for her, but I do know that depending on the choices she makes, the energy she allows in her deformation point.  I did have to go to the computer to understand what the heck deformation means in relationship to her reading.  Here is a sentence from wikipedia I am going to use:

The applied force would have to be the flower and sine wave energy into her root chakra (connection to physical life) fracturing and changing the energy body which constructs the physical body, on all levels.

I am so excited and beyond grateful that I get to follow this lovely lady’s change from beginning to… well, whatever is after the beginning.  She signed up for 5 sessions and our next connection is on the 18th.  I know I say this a lot, but man, with every ounce of my soul, it is all I can feel… I am sooooo grateful for your connections in the field of life.  (My lord, words can really dilute the feelings.)  By your desire to understand yourSelf, we all get to understand ourselves more clearly as well as the every shifting field of life we express within.

My third (and sadly, last) reading of the day showed an incredible contrast.  This young lady’s platform of life was blurred out of my field of vision, but I knew it was there, awaiting her.  She on the other hand was pissed off.  She was standing on the ground behind her new stage of life, arms crossed over her solar plexus and glaring into her past.  I could not see what she was looking at from my perspective and suddenly, I was looking thru her eyes.  It was crazy kewl… sadly, it didn’t reveal a thing tho.  Instead, I was looking down a silvery gray smooth beam of energy that widened the further away we got from it, that was housed in complete blackness all around it, but other than that, no images, no memories that I could see that was still pissing her off.  Her team said, it was for her to fully understand (meditation) and release.  Until she does that, in her own way, she is trapped in that spot… not moving forward and not fully understanding what has created this anger within her body field.

With this, I want to make a very important statement (that I am hearing in this moment.)  Just because we mouth the words “I release…. whatever” does not mean you really released a thing.  Intention is yesterdays game… ACTION is the only thing that is going to allow you (all of us) to fully realize our greatest potential in this field of co-creative life.  The greatest action all of us have available to us is MEDITATION.  Still the mind, move the Light of soul!!

On that note, I am going to close and get ready for my very full day of connections.  I am just soooo freakin excited!!

My love and honor for each and every one of you spills over my heart.  You are ALL so freakin amazing, even when pissed off!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of soul movement and acceleration to ALL!!

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