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BrianKelly’sBlog – Licensed Criminals: FBI Informants Authorized To Break The Law 5,600 Times In One Year – 5 August 2013


brian-kelly27s-blogLicensed criminals: FBI informants authorized to break the law 5,600 times in one year
August 5, 2013http://rt.com/usa/fbi-crimes-informants-scheme-035/

5,600 times in one year eh? I think that might be a typo and they meant to write “in one month or perhaps day even.” The most entertaining quote in this whole article is when a spokeswoman for the FBI was asked to comment and her response was, “the bureau allows its informants to break the law are “situational, tightly controlled.” That’s like the President saying “we only authorize mass murder of innocent civilians on special occasions.” ~BK Continue reading

DerSpiegel – Ergenekon Verdicts: Erdogan Silences Dissent In Divided Turkey – 5 August 2013

spiegelonlineA Turkish court on Monday announced verdicts and long prison sentences for dozens of defendants in the so-called ‘Ergenekon’ plot to overthrow the government. The rulings expose how uncertain and divided the country is.

Ergenekon is the name of a valley in the east of Turkey. Legend has it that the few Turks who survived a disastrous defeat fled there, grew into a strong nation and emerged under the leadership of a gray wolf to found a great empire. Many secular nationalists like the story. The wolf is their emblem.

Read the whole story at : www.spiegel.de / link to original article

ActivistPost – Catherine J. Frompovich – Time To Take Note Of USA – 5 August 2013

Logo_activistpost-comEveryone always is impressed when someone accomplishes that coveted award or title of Number One—Numero Uno, which defines the epitome of accomplishment. For many years the USA stood proud at the Olympics, taking home more gold medals than any country. The USA many times has had the honor of being number one in many more categories. However, in recent years, Old Glory may be somewhat embarrassed by many of the Number One spots USA statistics has had her flying in. Let’s take a closer look to see where we shine as Number One. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Igniting Like Rockets – 5 August 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewMany of you may be feeling like the ball in a pinball machine in recent days (and ongoing). If it’s not your own emotions being stirred and shaken, you may be feeling the whitewash of someone else’s ‘waves’. There are so many people and so many systems in the process of transformation right now it’s almost impossible not to be affected by it in one way or other. Continue reading

John Ward – Obama The Spook May Frighten Us, But He is Nothing New – 5 August 2013

JohnWFor years now, we have been multiply bamboozled by the élite

“Wassyer prarblem, huh?”

In the US, it is rapidly becoming clear (see this report from Reuters) that the preferred method in the Obama White House for covering up how covert surveillance was used to obtain evidence illegally is to….um, falsify the source of the evidence. It seems that spooks stumble across stuff while about their merry task, and then call up the local cops to tip them off. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Astral Travels : Visualizing Love And Empathy – 5 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to visualize Love, compassion and unity being expressed on our planet. We’re going to use our visualization abilities to cultivate a few different “scenes” wherein people are breaking the mold and helping each other in Love, which is a welcome alternative to how plenty of people on our world choose to treat each other. Continue reading

Jamye Price – The Energies Of August 2013 And Light Language Transmission – 5 August 2013

JamyePrice2012closeupWOW!  I’m so excited about the energies of August!  Over the years of reading the general Ascension energies, I’ve seen a wide range of indications, but this is THE most exciting!  For days I have been given visions of ‘The Celebration of Souls,’ marking a graduation point.   Finally, during the Light Language healing for the month, I was shown the halos that are seen around the Archangels, Ascended Masters and pictures of Jesus Christ (among others).  Jesus represented a human evolving into an ascended state.  This is, of course, the process we are going through.  The halo is the visible emanation of the crown chakra, whether visible to the human eye or even just the third eye.  The crown chakra, or the thousand-petaled lotus, is our most subtle expression of form.  It is our purest form of Divinity transducing into human form.  It is the constant reminder of the Truth of All Life – LOVE.  As with all Life, there is an interactive, interdependent system that functions as a whole.  For the crown chakra to function fully, it requires the rest of your system to be at a standard of functionality that allows a fuller flow.  Balanced Wholeness is the gateway and an open crown chakra is part of that whole.  Continue reading