Jamye Price – The Energies Of August 2013 And Light Language Transmission – 5 August 2013

JamyePrice2012closeupWOW!  I’m so excited about the energies of August!  Over the years of reading the general Ascension energies, I’ve seen a wide range of indications, but this is THE most exciting!  For days I have been given visions of ‘The Celebration of Souls,’ marking a graduation point.   Finally, during the Light Language healing for the month, I was shown the halos that are seen around the Archangels, Ascended Masters and pictures of Jesus Christ (among others).  Jesus represented a human evolving into an ascended state.  This is, of course, the process we are going through.  The halo is the visible emanation of the crown chakra, whether visible to the human eye or even just the third eye.  The crown chakra, or the thousand-petaled lotus, is our most subtle expression of form.  It is our purest form of Divinity transducing into human form.  It is the constant reminder of the Truth of All Life – LOVE.  As with all Life, there is an interactive, interdependent system that functions as a whole.  For the crown chakra to function fully, it requires the rest of your system to be at a standard of functionality that allows a fuller flow.  Balanced Wholeness is the gateway and an open crown chakra is part of that whole. Christ Consciousness
Ascension is a process of shifting your vibrational frequency to one that resonates more closely with your subtle Divine nature.  You are anchoring more of your Higher Self into physical form.  That requires a release of all that blocks you from your Divinity and an integration of all that is your Divinity.  This is why we are experiencing Polarity Integration.  You as an individual are tasked with honoring and identifying your specific preferences and resonant path to your Ascension.  There is not just one physical way.  And yet as you move your awareness into the Truth of Divinity, you find a paradox – that there is one all-encompassing way – LOVE.  It reflects the Truth of integrating All.  What do you still oppose in others?  What do you still oppose in yourself?  Just Love.  It is that simple and that complex.  That is your path of anchoring your Christ Consciousness.

As you attain your Christ Consciousness, you are beginning that resonance for others to access; for the Earth, plants and animals to reflect.  It is not one or the other – this is reaching the subtle state of Oneness that encompasses All Life.  We are past the energy of needing a savior.  Yet again, we meet the paradox at the threshold of enlightenment.  When you look around you, do you see your savior in all you experience?  In the smile of an innocent child?  In a puppy?  In a homophobe?  In a politician?  The reason that not everyone is completely enlightened at the moment, is those are hard to truly live.  It’s easy to speak the words of love and not realize that you are harboring resentment towards those that live and think differently than you.  Yet enough of us have balanced it to a certain level, such that we are reaching a critical mass.  We are reaching ever closer to embodying Christ Consciousness.  It isn’t a state of perfection, it’s a state of progression.

The Celebration of Souls
We are graduating.  Think of the ‘graduations’ you have been through in your life.  School, marriage, jobs, spiritual practice – all of these are not points of complete change in your life, they are overlaid with degrees of change that are implemented over time.  For instance, maybe your promotion at work takes you to a new location.  That is a lot of change at one time.  Yet how much of you is different in that scenario.  Do you believe differently, behave differently, view the world differently?  Most have some outer change, but still apply old principles to a new situation.  That certainly isn’t wrong to do, but in the new circumstances, growth happens over time, even with an external change.  This, too, is our graduation into our Christ Consciousness.  We are going to wake up relatively the same tomorrow and the next day.  Though with our awareness of integrating more Love within, we awaken each new day with a subtle vibrational change, which builds into a greater change over time.  A frequency that is more resonant with our True Nature, our Divine Nature, our Christed Self.  Thank you for your work and keep up the great work!  Love yourself when you find a moment of anger, frustration or fear, for that is a moment of choice that is calling you to your Divinity.  It changes life on Earth bit by bit.  That happens through you.  You are celebrated beyond measure.  Just as you are, and all those around you.  Yes, even them.  ;o)

Your Universal Heritage
You are beyond Time, beyond form and beyond this visible universe.  You are part of an interactive, interdependent Whole that extends beyond your physical senses.  Many are awakening to their Starseed nature, remembering on some level that they have been in other forms, on other planets, in other times.  This is a Truth that is subtle and unproven to those that only trust their eyes.  But for those that also trust their hearts, no visible proof is necessary.  It’s fun, but not necessary.  That requires a level empowerment and trust that is only found within.

Your Universal Heritage is coming into a time of graduation as well.  Earth is currently the time/space location of the final piece of humanity Ascending in this galactic region, like the youngest child in the cosmic family.  It was not pre-ordained, it was attained.  Graduation is now eminent.  As stated before, this is a progression of Life moving into Christ Consciousness, a new Golden Age on Earth.  You need not remember your galactic heritage, because you are living it.

You are part of a Whole that is interactive and interdependent.  You have come from a diverse array of experience to bring together all the vibrational understanding and solution necessary to shift the vibration of Earth such that the Ascension is possible.  With your graduation to this point, that work now continues.  Your Lyran forebearers have also moved into a critical mass of a new graduation point, having integrated the full spectrum of the Light of Love.  The original seeding of this dimensional expression and galactic region began with Lyra (The Prism of Lyra by Royal/Priest is a wonderful reference). You have been resolving many challenges that have influenced life on Earth.  You are the warriors of Light that bring healing to eons of pain.  You have been far more valiant than you give yourself credit, as have those around you.  The villains that you would condemn are the saviors spoken of earlier.  Just as you are for taking the most courageous position from human perspective – to forgive and remember; remember that Love is worth the effort.  The benefit that you receive from all of your galactic ancestry may never come into your awareness or may have no value to you, but it pulses through you just the same.  You are universal in nature, inherently Divine and ever expanding your Light of Love.

In Summary
At the beginning of August, the void space/reset point of July is still a dominant experience.  Yet as time progresses, there is so much energy coming into our watery astrology.  I see the ‘Celebration of Souls’ or our graduation as an explosion of fiery Light, which will bring us a renewed sense of excitement.  It will shift the path of many and it will continue to propel us in the direction of anchoring our Christ Consciousness.  The work doesn’t stop here.  Take a moment to receive the celebration of your graduation.  Take a moment to envision the change you want to be.  Your Light is brightening this world, this galaxy, in ways that may not be obvious.  But your Love is obvious when you let it shine.  Shine brightly, Lightworker! 

Happy August!

August Light Language Healing

Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

It is not necessary that you see it or even hear it.  I mainly work on clients on the phone, but it’s fun to see!  As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through, as you will notice them directing energies in certain ways or working over certain chakras.  You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment.

Augst’s Light Language is an activation of your Christ Consciousness energy!  Enjoy!

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