Lucas – Painting A Picture Of Transition – 5 August 2013

Churchill_box_of_paints_DMA_Reves_CollectionIn the events unfolding the true nature of what is and was going on the people will get a newly painted picture of their world.  A picture that shows a lot of things from language and laws and contracts being used to  pull people willing or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, with or without consent in a place of submission to or subservience or slavery by control and force. It is all about agendas that go back to times we can not even grasp. People should know that the King James Bible is nothing more than an instruction book. The bible was in fact already a hidden knowledge book of codes before the translation of King James. But what matters is the history goes back way further.  It is about a way to control people for that what they really are important, their energy and of course their DNA.  It was never about debt or workforce that we as humans were needed. It was about the energy they took to keep the controllers of humanity alive feeding upon that.

In between those dark times of conflict, wars and violence, off and on world as the polarity multiverse we have been part of, we have been coming after a long for us screened reality into the process of becoming the self-empowered and grant beings we are.  This is why things are now in the final faces of transitioning and ending the running out of juice old system.  The biggest trouble was and is the deep  and millenia long manipulation, indoctrination and control of our beings in all sorts of ways. The biggest tool was mind control via education, language, belief structures and hunger for power and control through the use of conflict and in-equality.  The systems through many millenia were built on hierarchies that ruled the people via their representatives.  When that was not enough they got into controlling the live of people via money and exchange systems. That eventually was built-in a commerce system that saw humanity just as an asset or good to use.  Work became a controlling point as well as the money to exchange as things got from necessities of life into consuming that what was promoted to be a marketed need for your illusionary benefit and well-being.

The work was not enough to control so people would be submitted to be controlled in all key life issues. From food, shelter, health to energy.  Basic needs where in new ways of control being controlled by lots of ism’s and government ruling, like for instance now agenda 21 and the codex alimentarius.  The ism ‘s, etc,  range from communism, socialism, capitalism, democracy, theocracy to dictatorship. The greatest new tool was information and news control via the monopolist media corporations.   The leading figures and their cronies run the powers by deceit, force and the making of beneficial to the self laws and statutes. When money could not be enough earned wars were instigated and conflicts made to make the money that way and control the energy of humans that way. Every constitution  is just an institutionalized form of becoming a slave again in a dualistic system with or without your consent. The people should see we have been given earth to explore this duality but also to be the custodians over earth. We have nothing that is ours except our energetic value that is ours eternally and without any restriction or limitation by any one or anything.

They powers that were claim to have that power over us but that is already an act of deceit  and a lie in itself.  When people start to see the real us again things will become clear.  We are the power ourselves and will become even grander in that power in the ongoing transitioning of humanity and  earth in a higher vibrational frequency.  We transform beyond the powers that claim to have advanced capabilities or powers.  The rulers in this moment are split factions that are a compilation of our history that goes beyond  Darwinist explanations as nobody could find yet our so-called missing link.

The truth is often more complex than the lie about it. Let me  say this, we have origins beyond our comprehension.  We are (partially) created and evolved into beings that are gonna bring all that is into a higher level of existence as the new way-showers and creators of the coming new world we are transitioning to.  All the eyes of the universe are pointed at us as the consequences of our birth into the new will be also their faith.  In the now is becoming clear that perceptions and mind control are the key stumble blocks on our path. The power of our new beings to become lie in the inner-connection to source, god or whatever name you will give it.

The now extreme controlling of a system that was put in place to rule the world by financial control and its leverage of the negative output into people’s laps and the positive output into the rulers and executives classes hands in the form of energy as all is a form of energy. The debt slavery system of a fiat-currency based fractional reserve creation of money will end in total.  As this system and all corporations also governments  being corporations have being foreclosed upon by the OPPT filings the last remnants of the system are falling apart as it was based on lies, deceit, fraud, corruption and the premise of people being debtors not creditors of their own eternal value within. The illusion does not works anymore and the powers that where want to reset and partially or in full back with gold and silver or other assets a new financial system ( which is not new by the way).  The question will be what gold and silver are they referring to  and where is it physically? Can they show it all to us, every bit of it?

Also the question is what to reset? We do not want in any way to sign up for slavery again, knowing by now what has transpired behind the scenes and in our lives in front of the scenes.  The total control of the world agendas went that far that wars were instigated, people murdered, raped and abused, people made sick, people experimented upon, used in rituals as offerings and wasted just as if they were not important but assets or rubbish.  The sociopaths and psychopaths that have been running this show behind the scenes are needing a real fix to their being from source itself to really become able to sit again with us all at the table to make a new world manifest for the better of all humankind, earth and the multiverse.  What will become after the system shutting down is up to us. Are we going to create something totally new as all is already in our inner selves  available to use or are we gonna make again representations and systems that can be again corrupted into ruling, and  controlling others and becoming a new old way of the same.

We need to decide what we want to do.  But remember our energetic value is eternal and has no limitations. So making a new world in co-creating and living together in just exchanging by energy transfer would be sufficient enough.  There will be no lack of anything anymore by ending the old system as there was only a perceived lack anyway. People are abundance and there is enough for all to cover all needs. Seeing this will free up our wish to create communities that live just by caring for the basic needs from all their participants as well as the free use or exploration of talents, skills and knowledge or ideas by every individual human.  The real you could make next to a service to all attitude also room for the limitless growth of yourself. Expressing yourself totally free. The only limits to the freedom is  limiting  others freedom by damaging or hurting people. Even property and having ownership would not be needed as we all are sharing that what we need even when we respect each others space of privacy and freedom of expression.  The growth we as new beings have made will make us able to not have conflicts and arguments anymore as they are not existent any more in the space of unity and balanced polarity.  Just think all this I wrote is just also a view from the past.  The new world will need totally new ways of us creating and manifesting and words and language and theories and concepts of the now will not be sufficient enough to explain nor do that. We only can try to come closer to that goal and by trying we are going to come eventually there.

What can we expect to happen now.  In the coming time we will see lots of erratic, hectic and chaotic behaviour and things happening. In the end though the old will need to make place for that what is really new.  There will be maybe some transitional tool(s) that will help people to shift away from the financial system into a non financial and no money system. Whatever will happen there is nothing to be afraid of nor to be feared. Strange things for some can happen and we will see examples of our future self abilities now expressed by totally new technology getting deployed.

Be sure to just have an open mind and an open heart.  We have been here upon this earth in this moment of time because we had a task to fulfil.  Thanks for all you all have been doing in playing your roles in the most intriguing play ever. History will soon need to be re-written as it was fraud and the future we see  already happening. It all plays out in the NOW. We are in the midst of all change. It is just a ride, Bill Hicks would say. I say enjoy the ride as it will be the most beautiful, wondrous experience you ever will have.

Love and Light in all its contrast.


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