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John Ward – Greece Breaking… Stournaras Says “More Austerity Not The Answer” – 5 August 2013

JohnWYannis Stournaris told Bloomberg in the last few hours that further austerity being applied to the Greek situation would not achieve anything. Given that the Sprouts in Brussels, leeches in the lending sector, and anal retentives in Berlin have precisely this in mind, one wonders where this might all end.

I await the reaction from Mario Draghi and Wolfie Wheelchair with great interest. Stay tuned.

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com / link to original article

Saint German Live Channeling – 1 August – Méline Lafont (Video and Transcript) – 5 August 2013

MélineHi Everyone.  Below you will find a video of a live channeling of Saint Germain through Méline Lafont.  It is one full hour and it was recorded on August 1, 2013, so it is pretty current.  We still had audio issues when this was recorded.  We apologize for this.
Thus, you fill find below the full typed transcript of the video just by scrolling down, in case you have a hard time listening to the video.  The video is included so that you can feel the energies of Saint Germain as he speaks.
The good news is that we have purchased new software to record audio and video where audio will no longer be a concern going forward.  The channeling and answers provided are current and very relevant and we wanted to post this for all of you.  Future live channelings will not be transcribed as the audio part should be fixed. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Activation Of August Energy Requires Your Action – 5 August 2013

lisagawlas2Several years ago I started to see the “energy potential” of various up coming months.  The color and texture of that “month” gave understanding of what was going to be available to us in that month.  It took me a long time to really understand the significance of the color(s) and texture(s) as it related to us.

For several months prior to (this) July and August, the color scheme was so clear and (semi) understandable.  July was a beautiful blend of blue and violet energy spattered thru the entirety of the field of July.  This was giving us the ability to become more clear in our communication (the blue) thru the higher fields of wisdom (violet) both to ourselves and all that is around us.  Tremendous downloads of high vibrational information was released thru every day that we called July. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The One People Blogtalk Radio Show – 5/6 August – 5 August 2013

5Dlogo-150x150Link to radio show

USA EDT/ 5  August 2013, 20.00 pm, European Mainland, 6 August 2013, 02.00 am, Australia, Sydney- 6 August 2013, 10.00 am

Call in to speak with the host (646) 716-4598

Formerly the Oppt-In Show.

Join the discussion with Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and Brian Kelly,  for updates on the BE’ing and DO’ing of The One People as we ground our new reality. Continue reading

Steven Lendman – Destroying Greece To Save It – 5 August 2013

Troika scoundrels are looting Greece. They’re destroying it. They’re waging financial war. They partnered with corrupt Greek officials.
They’re strip-mining Greece for profit. It’s the epicenter of global pillage. Ordinary people have no say. They’re victims of force-fed harshness. Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 339 – 5 August 2013

AishaNorthAs you have already ascertained, the waves that keep pounding into your shores have not let up yet, but as we told you, it will quieten down in a not too distant future. Yes, we will persist in using these rather circumspect descriptions of the time units here, and the reason for this, is as it always is. Humanity has based themselves upon a system of time increments that describes their linear time and divide them into number sequences or units that you all navigate by. This works perfectly for you, for then, you have all the same sort of comprehension as to how to describe any set point on this timeline of yours. This works both forwards and backwards, or in the past and in the future as you say. So for you, something that has happened will be assigned a designated number sequence that describes the exact timeframe this event took place. You use the same approach when you plan your future, as you all like to assign a set sequence for an event in exactly the same way, and this makes it very easy for every one of you to navigate this linear timeline that you use to roll out all of the sequences that together make up your life. In other words, from the moment you are born and to the moment your spirit leaves your physical body, your life on this planet will be mapped out by these numerical seuqences you call ”dates” and ”times”. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – GMO, Climate Cascade, RE-FOCUS – 5 August 2013

Uploaded on 5 August 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Lucas – Painting A Picture Of Transition – 5 August 2013

Churchill_box_of_paints_DMA_Reves_CollectionIn the events unfolding the true nature of what is and was going on the people will get a newly painted picture of their world.  A picture that shows a lot of things from language and laws and contracts being used to  pull people willing or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, with or without consent in a place of submission to or subservience or slavery by control and force. It is all about agendas that go back to times we can not even grasp. People should know that the King James Bible is nothing more than an instruction book. The bible was in fact already a hidden knowledge book of codes before the translation of King James. But what matters is the history goes back way further.  It is about a way to control people for that what they really are important, their energy and of course their DNA.  It was never about debt or workforce that we as humans were needed. It was about the energy they took to keep the controllers of humanity alive feeding upon that. Continue reading

John Ward – “Get Rid Of Regulation, And Everything Will Get Better” By Aneo Liberalist – 5 August 2013

hannan(Lucas : Highlights in blue are my emphasis  on what John Ward is writing!)

A useful Idiot….accused of Friedophile tendencies

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is probing 15 banks over allegations that they instructed brokers to carry out trades that would move ISDAfix, the leading benchmark rate for interest rate swaps. Royal Bank of Scotland also said it was co-operating with authorities regarding the investigation. (The game plan was to screw the pension companies, thus leaving older folks destitute) Continue reading

I UV – Bix Weir: Complete Wipeout Of All Debt And WhistleBlower Karen Hudes – 5 August 2013

i-uv-logo(Lucas : Here is an already older post from Bix Weir and a also an Interview with Karen Hudes on Project Camelot  posted on I UV. Make up your own mind and discern. See that people may have hidden interests or are not that transparant as they would love us to belief even when they are called whistleblowers. Not all that is, IS as it is. Think about that!) Continue reading