Wes Annac – Astral Travels : Visualizing Love And Empathy – 5 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to visualize Love, compassion and unity being expressed on our planet. We’re going to use our visualization abilities to cultivate a few different “scenes” wherein people are breaking the mold and helping each other in Love, which is a welcome alternative to how plenty of people on our world choose to treat each other.

Last week, we visualized and blessed representations of hatred and divisiveness being expressed and fed, and now, we’re going to use the visualization abilities we’ve been honing to Create and bring into manifestation, Love, compassion and unity being expressed in the collective.

Humanity has been held back for so long because we’ve allowed ourselves to be convinced we’re separated; apart; different from one another.

As we each possess our own unique egos and belief systems, the outer-differences between us have been played upon and we’ve kept our world in unawareness by refusing to work together and see to it that everyone can get along on this Earth.

The new paradigm we’re building is all about Love, cooperation and harmony and for this paradigm to come about, the mechanisms of separation and hatred that have driven collective unawareness and inability to work together must be surpassed. We must each recognize what it is in us that seeks to feed or drive hatred and separation, and we must, as a collective, address our seeming differences and come together despite them.

The visualizations I’d like to offer in this exercise will be of the new paradigm of unity and cooperation in play. We’ll visualize and Create based upon those visualizations, others working together and Loving each other despite the extent to which separation has been enforced and believed in.

To begin our exercise for this week, I’d like for you to visualize a small family standing on the side of a large and popular road or highway. This family is holding up signs proclaiming their inability to find food for their children or get by, and each car that comes by gets a glimpse of their tragic and unfortunate fate.

Breaking the stereotypes and judgments that sometimes come about regarding these sorts of things, there are no alcoholics or drug addicts in this family who seek to use their situation to score money for their addictions from unknowing people. This family is genuinely struggling, and the parents seek only to find money or food to feed their children.

This is the unfortunate situation far too many families are in on this planet, and while a certain small percentage of people possess more than enough funds and resources for everyone, the many are still left to suffer and worry in a world that’s employed a purposely-broken financial system that keeps the “little man” down and “big brother” on top.

The heat is nearly unbearable as this family diligently holds their signs and hopes for a generous Angel to help them. People passing by in cars blasting air conditioning wonder how the family can deal with the intense heat, but even the children are used to it.

The family has been unable to experience anything near the abundance that even middle-class families are blessed with, but persevere nonetheless.

Visualize these souls, and empathize with their situation. Empathize with the fact that so many families and children have been left uncared for by an uncaring collective, and send your blessings of abundance toward this visualization if you wish.

As you view this scene and empathize with this family’s situation, notice as a sleek, expensive looking jet-black car pulls up to the side of the road. The backseat window of the car rolls down to reveal the passenger; an older, suited man.

The older man promptly asks his driver to put the car in park and opens the door. Stepping out of the car, his expensive suit and other features about him show that he’s a very rich man.

The man communicates to the family that he was once in their shoes, struggling every day to get by and looking for a way to feed his family.

He gets into a small conversation about the tireless work he spent building his business from the ground up while he and his family struggled to get by, and expresses that if it weren’t for somebody who had money to invest in his business and help him out financially at the time, he wouldn’t be where he was now by a longshot.

He expresses to the struggling family that he understands the situation they’re in, and that the old “just get a job” rhetoric isn’t always applicable in a society that keeps the lower class earning low wages while, in many cases, performing much harder work.

He expresses that he saw the family on the side of the road earlier that day but didn’t stop, and instead went to the local organic market to pick them up some meals. Reaching into the back seat of his car, he pulls out grocery bags of healthy, organic foods that could be made into multiple meals for the children and the parents, and could potentially last weeks.

He expresses his understanding that all the cheap food in the world is also the unhealthiest and most ravaging to the human body, and that he wanted the children to be able to eat healthy food if they were going to eat anything.

This isn’t all the man has in store. Not knowing much about this family, he takes a huge leap of faith – and hands the father a great sum of money.

He expresses that he knows it would only be enough for the family to get by for so long, but that he gives it with Love and understanding nonetheless. The family, looking at the overstuffed grocery bags and the blessing of abundance they’ve just been given, are speechless.

They truly don’t know how to react, and express the most brimming and shocked of appreciation to this strange millionaire Angel.

He expresses to the father that if he were to have any palpable ideas for a business, to let him know for potential investment and assistance with getting it off the ground. He expresses that he’s older and retired these days, and is always looking for some type of business project to get involved in.

The family is overjoyed and the father considers working on potential business ideas, and the new paradigm of sharing and helping lift others up if one is uplifted themselves, is expressed tenfold. The collective energies of the planet benefit exponentially, as for a few glorious moments, stereotypes are broken and judgment gives way to understanding and assistance.

I’d like now for you to visualize a press release being held in a room in the White House.

The President is speaking in front of a podium to the world, announcing the United States Government’s reaction to the emergence of a whistleblower who exposed and brought to the world, secrets regarding the space-oriented technology of the Military Industrial Complex.

Technology that people have been taught to believe is only possible in science fiction was disclosed to the world, by a whistleblower who witnessed such technology front and center and was able to provide proof of it to the news organization they disclosed it to.

Since the leaks, pundits on conservative television and radio shows have screamed about the need to prosecute this individual because “the national security of the United States is at risk”. The United States Government is expected during this press release to announce their decision to pursue prosecuting this individual and “holding him accountable” for leaking what are actually very important truths for our evolution as a species.

What the President says is far beyond the expectations of anyone who thought this individual would be prosecuted. The President heralds this individual’s actions, and announces a full-on investigation into the secretive workings and technologies of the Military Industrial Complex.

The President expresses his desire to bring about full exposure of what the whistleblower had only just begun to expose, and to find groups willing to create positive and beneficial advanced devices for humanity out of the technology that had been exposed.

The President announces that his administration has no desire to go after or prosecute the whistleblower in question, and rather, seeks to honor him with a ceremony.

He will later go on to tell the individual to his face that if he’d like to use his background and experience with the advanced technology to head a company charged with creating something positive out of it to give to the world, he can.

The whistleblower accepts the offer, and creates a large and successful company bent on serving humanity and producing advanced technology that benefits our Lives in myriad ways.

Rather than this individual having to Live in fear of jail-time for Life or even having his Life taken, his brave acts of exposure garner immensely positive consequences for all of humanity, and the new paradigm is able to be built upon the foundation of recognizing when somebody exposes something important for us all to know, and honoring them for it rather than prosecuting them.

Admittedly, our second story was less about compassion and unity being expressed and more about our governments acting in humanity’s best interest, but nonetheless, I’m told our visualizations help in manifesting such things on the world stage.

That’s not to say that the US Government is going to suddenly announce a ceremony honoring all the whistleblowers they’ve tried to prosecute, but if the whistleblowers and truth exposers of our immediate future (and there will be many) can expose their truth in a safe and allowing way rather than a condemning or persecuting way, we’ll come to learn about every last thing that’s been hidden from us.

We can see our visualization as having kick-started the official “disclosure” in its realm, and we can make this visualization in hopes that Governments the world over will be able to break tradition and help bring truth and exposure forth, rather than fight against it and those who attempt to expose it.

We have so much to learn about the manner in which corruption and secrecy have thrived on our Earth, and for now, we can hope that our two visualizations have helped to anchor the new paradigm-energy in greater increments. Along with visualizing and giving our energy to the new paradigm’s manifestation, it’s important for us to integrate the qualities of the new paradigm into our own Lives and be the change we wish to see.

For now, you’re welcomed and encouraged to continue Creating and giving your energy to visualizations displaying the new paradigm in action. With the unlimited power of your astral visualization ability, there’s truly nothing you can’t do and you’ll come to find your exploration quite fun.

Getting into a light meditation and enjoying fruitful astral landscapes and visuals, as well as using such a heightened state of perception to perform necessary energy work for the planet, is more than enjoyable and will see you understanding and knowing about your power in greater ways.

We’ll come to find that our Lightwork is an absolute breeze and can be performed instantaneously if we make the effort, and we’ll aid in our own evolution by performing such work. In future weeks, we’ll build upon what we’ve done already, and we’ll continue to bless various situations and visualize aspects of the new paradigm coming about.

For now, simply enjoy the fact that you’re able to perform this potent work for the planet. We’ve been told that it’s noble work indeed, and I’m honored and delighted to be able to perform it.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

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