Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast August 2013 – Lifting Off To The Next Chapter – 6 August 2013

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1Peace and blessings my beautiful friend,

I am so grateful to connect with you once again. After moving through a powerful cleansing period as mentioned in the July forecast, the environment is now ripe for anchoring a new reality more congruent with the greatest vision we see for ourselves and for humanity as a whole.On July 29th, we experienced a rare astrological alignment known as a “Grand Sextile” which greatly enhanced the process of moving us back to living and operating from our heart. This sacred opening supported us in transcending the previous limitations and illusions of separation we may have created for ourselves personally and globally.

A Grand Sextile is a six-pointed star that is formed when two “Grand Trines” of complimentary elements happen at the same time, in this case water and Earth.

The water Grand Trine with Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune is all about flow, intuition, purification, release, creativity, balance and intuition.

The Earth Grand Trine with Venus, Pluto, and the Moon is all about grounding, manifesting, connecting with our power, abundance, and stability.

So this specific astrological alignment combined both of these elements and grounded them even more into our experience.

The reason why these types of occurrences are important is not because that specific day is better than any other day, it’s because they serve as reference points that remind us to connect with the transformative energies we are being gifted with and for us to come together simultaneously at the same time as a whole to intentionally focus on creating a more harmonious reality for all as we move forward.

This more heart-based reality we are coming back to, will serve as a solid foundation for the next chapter of our lives.


Everything we’ve ever encountered whether it felt blissful or challenging has served us in some way, even if it felt otherwise at the time. Every experience provides powerful feedback that allows us to be completely clear on what we do or do not want to create more of, a fine-tuning of sorts.

When we see every experience as an opportunity to fine-tune our reality into one that feels more joyous and expansive to us, it becomes much easier to free ourselves of the attachments, judgments and stories we placed around these experiences.

From this shift in perspective, the pattern of being hard towards ourselves, others and the Universe begins to dissipate because we no longer place pressure and unrealistic expectations for everything to have to show up in a specific way.

Knowing that in every moment we get the chance to fine-tune our reality allows a sacred openness to enter our lives that creaties more room for flow, joy and ease.

Heating Things Up

There’s a lot of renewed fire in the collective right now, which also means this heat is also showing up in our personal lives. Many of us tend to shy away from fiery energies, feelings, people and situations because they tend to feel a bit overwhelming.

Some manifestations of these fiery energies include:
• anger
• passion
• zest and zeal
• sexual chemistry/desire
• irritability
• excitement
• moodiness

If you are noticing these energies more than usual, know that it’s completely part of the process. While it’s important to proceed with mindfulness whenever feeling into these energies, it’s also important to fully embrace and honor them as part of our experience.

These energies are excellent indicators that some type of movement is happening. By allowing ourselves to feel our way through these energies without judgment or projecting them on others, they can actually serve as an amazing form of energetic transportation that moves us closer to creating the greatest vision we have for our lives. These energies help us actually “get the job done,” as long as we understand that it’s all in accordance with the highest and greatest good for all.

Right now is a really good time to use these fiery energies to tie up all loose ends, begin new projects, make big decisions, move, start a new hobby or activity, travel, begin a new relationship or rekindle an old one, play, recommit to making our well-being a priority, release things we feel no longer serves us, or learn something new.

Anchoring the Love

As things heat up, it will serve us immensely to not get distracted by the stories and outside noise surrounding us. The key is to remain grounded in love. Love allows us to look beyond the illusions without judging any of it. By choosing love, we are able to see the actual truth of what’s going on, instead of what may appear to be going on.

Choosing love is art in itself and takes practice to master. So if we are finding it a bit challenging to connect, let’s remember to be gentle with ourselves. As long as we are consistent in our desire to choose love, the Universe will move mountains to shower us with opportunities that have us experiencing even more love. And when we are mindful of these opportunities and step into them, eventually it becomes easier to anchor love into our reality. The good news, this is already happening now, that’s why the world is shifting so quickly.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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