Fran Zepeda – Lady Nada: You Have Reached A Turning Point For Yourselves In this Ascension Process – 5 August 2013

ascension6.ascensionawakening.blogspot.comLady Nada:

Hello dear ones. Well, we are achieving much together, you and the Celestial Realm. You are not completely always aware of your parts in this grand awakening, but indeed you are each such an important part and we congratulate you for entering into this unknown venture, or so it seems at times. Yet you really know deep inside what the venture is and it engulfs you daily with more and more promise of your immersion into a new era.

My dears, my illustrious travelers into the unknown, you are made of such illumination and promise. You don’t always know it. But it is there, always, that Divinity, that core of you that you are uncovering and merging with daily.

And yes, sometimes it takes a toll on your body, and sometimes it takes a toll on your attitude and sense of trust, but my dears, you courageously reach down every day for that essence to carry you through. Nothing else really matters. Keep reaching, dear ones, for it shall open up your world in an even grander way with each effort you make.

Suffice to say that you have reached a turning point for yourselves in this Ascension process and it is unfolding at an even greater rate now as we speak. Allow yourselves to be caught up in this spiral of change while maintaining your center, at the center of your heart where all is created and all is remembered and all is part of your illustrious future; the future that you have already lived and are living in now, dear ones.

While this may be a little mind-boggling, go with it. Step into the tunnel from your heart that leads to your Christed Self, that is always there and always waiting. The expansion is evident. The expansion is emerging. The expansion is such a part of you now that you cannot deny it.

Go with it, dear ones. Play with it, and be within this expanded heart space that you have allowed and are allowing with the recent energy surges. Push out the boundaries ever more. Be light within it – Be The Light within it. Take it one step further each day, as your capacity to expand increases.

Stay within “the eye of the storm” so to speak. It is safe there. It is all you are. The distractions are merely wanting to pull you out of it, but stay strong and centered within your heart space and be there, while you observe and experience what is going on around you, always discerning what is real and what is illusion.

Your abilities to discern are growing, dear ones. They are serving you well. You know the truth now dear ones. It beckons you and sustains you. It is your emerging Divine Essence stabilizing within you, from which all is colored and etched right now. Stay with it and immerse yourselves within it, for it is not your call right now to deny it. It is not in your highest good to deny it. It is not in others’ highest good to deny it.

You are emerging, dear ones, and for that you can be grateful and it shall sustain you in the coming days of ever more expansion and influx of energies.

You are being lit up like beacons now, for all to see and follow, and it is in the peace of that, that you are sustained. The glory of your essence is emerging and has so many possibilities of illumination and creation right now. Sit with that and allow that, dear ones. For the time is nigh to be completely immersed in the habit of always coming back to your center and embracing it.

Many of you have cleared so much and cleared others as well. You are entering into a new phase of actualization now, that which your new DNA encodements allow you to be. You feel new and strange all at the same time, and for that, please be grateful. For it brings even more alignment thus in that gratitude.

For now you sail along with your newfound energy, speeding along to even more completeness and wholeness within yourself. Finding your true self is your job. And the exploring is just beginning for many of you. And the exploring continues for the others. You are all at different stages at discovering yourselves. And the stage is set for each one of you to move forward in the path you have chosen, all the while fitting into the whole to complete a bigger picture designed for the greater good of all.

And the journey continues, dear ones. And we are with you, all of the Company of Heaven. And we support you and we love you. Know that, deep in your hearts, for you are one of us as we are you, and forever you grow into that awareness, that we are all One.

We leave you now with this beautiful portrait of your Being. You are so magnificent. You are so grand. You are so loved. Go in peace, dear ones.

Namaste. We honor and greet the Divinity in you, your rightful ownership and gift.

Thank you to Lady Nada and the Company of Heaven.

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