Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Intensity Of Action, Inside And Out! – 6 August 2013

lisagawlas2Life exists in ever-moving waves of energy.  Very much like the ocean surface.  Constant.  Some waves are large and choppy, some smooth and near the surface of the body of water, but all moving and spreading outwards until it merges back into the ocean and starts again.  Each one of us too, are part of life’s movement, life’s rhythm and each within our own wave expanding, adding to the whole of the ocean, of earth.

Within each body of waves are many different dimensions, timelines, experiences expanding us outward, only to collapse and start again.  From our earthly perspectives, we call these cycles within our lives.  Our cycles are never-ending.  Ever.  Not even once we physically die, because we come right back and pick up with the last wave cycle we fulfilled and continue our expansion outwards in a new body, in a new energy stream within the vast ocean called earth.

I mention this for a reason, it is too easy for a human to look at what is happening to others and think they themselves are far behind.  That is an impossibility.  Each wave is doing its own thing, all adding to the whole, all moving to the rhythm of the fluidness it swims within, not harnessed by time at all, but our own desire to become conscious of the wave that we are and really become Self aware within it.  It is really our own movements that determine the cycles of our lives, everything else outside of the wave… assists.

Even tho I constantly talk about the energies of August, August has nothing to do with anything.  It is simply a packet of energy housed in a place we see as August.  The new platform or stage of Life that we now have available to us, has less to do with August and everything to do with our NOW moments.  The one thing I became vividly aware of yesterday, time is irrelevant to this stage of life, except for the relevance we keep giving it.

That stage is your quantum field of energy, unbound by space and time.  Where the wave starts and ends in its movement.

My first man on this stage of Life really gave us all some intense insight and all the while thru our connection, the energy from his reading was blowing my hair back!!  His connection was like a super close up visual of the center of his stage.  I could see the magnetic pole that was in his center stage, but barely.  The most prominent energy around him was intense colors of blue and violet.  These colors were in co-mingled slabs that were in constant motion, moving up, moving down.  Thru the intensity of this color I could see this man straddling his magnetic pole directly in the middle.  Not quite on the ground, not quite at the top.  Yet, I felt his energy body in constant motion of up and down while he remained constant.

Our physical bodies are like the depths of the ocean, constant.  What we do, becomes the wave and the energy of that wave radiates outwards from the ocean body.

What made this man so different from anyone else I have seen on this new stage of life so far, is he started building his wave, I think, back in February of this year, where out of the blue he was inwardly prompted to pick up his life and his business and move it to a completely different spot in the state, without knowing why, he did it instantly and has been working diligently in his new expansion ever since.

His challenge has been to keep this wave moving, expanding, without having it crash back into the ocean and having to start all over again with speed and velocity.

As I marveled at the intensity and detail I was looking at (and may I say FEELING) I put my vision at the very top of his magnetic pole and was so surprised by what I seen and felt.  A spray of whitish energy, kind of like a sparkler coming from a ground cone on the Fourth of July.  The streams of energy were only about 3-4 inches tall, but intense non the less.  His team gave us the understanding that this is the very webbing that he is creating for himself right now.  Webbing that will reach out and form new relationships, new movement, new, …well, everything.

I tried to find out when this will happen, when this white sparking energy will emerge out to become a new web of life for him, but I fully realized that in this place, in this quantum stage of Life, time does not exist, unless we say it does.  From the fields perspective, it is most important to lay the energy effectively than quickly.  If we get caught up in wanting something in a particular time, we then let go of efficiency to focus on time.   However, if we focus souly on the integrity of what we are doing, the movement of time will move up thru us and move us, just like it did him this past February.

Like it did me December 2011 into January 2012.

It also became very very clear on what he was doing as well.  Completely bridging the higher, newer energy (spiritual thought forms) into the old, solid density of an earth falling apart.  A true bridger.  I say true because many have this potential, but have not done anything with the potential yet.

Which brings me to another profound understanding too.  Our personal cycles are created and ended by US.  Imagine that!!

The ocean never ceases to have waves, yet there are places in the ocean where waves are not.  Often times, we get stuck in-between waves because we have not put out any new energy to become a new wave expanding.  Sometimes, we are so content (or is that complacent) in our old wave form, we never release it to move into the new wave form.  What is happening in our personal worlds ALL-WAYS starts and ends with US.  Nothing outside of us.  The ocean, which is YOU, loves you whether you are in motion or just floating about.  The ocean’s “Will” is already done simply because you are a part of it.

As me and this magnetically intense man continued to talk and understand, suddenly he had a fish in his hand (let me just say, the ocean analogy is only part of this mornings sharing and did not come thru at all yesterday.)  This fish looked like one of those “Jesus Fishes” and what I didn’t tell him yesterday but will now. that fish was intensely blue in color.

I remembered looking up that fish symbol before (<–Great link to look at, talks about the origin of the fish, the heart, the peace sign and more) and remembered it represented a vagina, the opening of the Divine Feminine, the dreamer… the opening to the cave of creation, the Holy Grail if you will.  The deep blue of the fish in his right (spiritual) hand was showing the use of her expression in what he is doing.

We can even look more significantly at his entire image, left hand (masculine, creator energy) steady on this magnetic pole while bringing forward the divine feminine within his creation.  Balance and action.

This morning as I sat in front of my computer to share, my first question was why did I see him so up close and personal.  It was as if spirit put a zoom lens on him and with that, the entirety of his “stage of life” was not in my view at all, where every single person before him… was.

From what I understand, it is from our combined flow of magnetic energy… the use of our magnetic fields of creation.  When fully activated and in use, the outside area is there simply for enhancement.  When not fully in use, the outside area gives us the view of what is needed.  Of course, I am still learning this new language and symbology as I go.  Phew… it is vastly different from every other reading space… ever!!

There is also another relationship I am feeling with this stage or platform of life… it is equal to meditation.  Kinda sounds strange, but not really.  Where meditation was our key to connecting within in the quantum energy and communication of our deepest Self’s, this stage (our life) is the place of the living meditation.

OMG, this suddenly makes sense and gives intense relevance to an experience that totally blew my mind, shit… blew my entire energy body into outer space yesterday.  But, before I get to that… let me say by reading number three on the field yesterday, I completely blew a fuse.  My second reading was gentle, a lady in such a transformation state, of healing, that there wasn’t even any energy yet forming her new platform, but we did pick her up and place her from the old  ground into this skeleton of a platform and turned on true Holy Water (from above) to fill her stage with.

When I attempted to connect to my 3rd lady of the day, suddenly everything became pixelated, bunched up and disappeared.  What the hell was that??  Whatever that was, put me down for the day.  No more connections at all…. dammit!!

After the 6th person on my agenda was rescheduled and my day became… well… weird really.  I felt really short-changed in my day (yeah, I am very much human here lol) and was sitting on my couch, pouting because 4 opportunities of understanding more became rescheduled.  Dammit.

My team let me sit in my pouty space for a good hour when suddenly an inspiration hit… I have some wonderful, gifted marijuana in my desk drawer… why not indulge.  I had nothing better planned, so why not.  Besides, I had the most intense experience once with that gifted treasure and have not gone back to explore beyond that moment.  Well, that is kind of a lie… I did share it with others and in the sharing, the experience is nothing like when it is done all alone.  The vibration simply is not all that strong.  I have written a sharing about my initial experience with that wonderful and surprising Gift of Marijuana (and you can access it here if you want.)

I sat there attempting to smoke partial joints I had in my bag, that was actually really unpleasant.  I kept choking.  My precious friends left me a bowl that was still filled with their original bowl pack, I decided to give that a try instead.  To tell you I have no clue what to do with that freakin hole on the side of the bowl would not be an understatement.   Sometimes I was getting a hit, sometimes I was wondering where the smoke went to.  But either way, I was not choking at all, that was a good thing.

Then I felt it!  Holy freakin cow batman did I feel it.  Wave after wave vibrating me from head to toe.  The last time I felt anything even remotely like this was my bathtub kundalini experience wayyyyy back in 2001 and that I was a  co-creator in (smile, blush.)  This was just….. happening.  I sat pinned to my couch, feet on the floor, hands next to my thighs and reveled in the feeling.  I suddenly realized just how many erogenous zones I have… and I have many and all were being expanded by this internal buzzing wave of energy.  Phew baby!!!

The flow this time, was constantly from head to toe, I could feel the energy move out of the my soul chakras and move into earth.  Good on ya earth!!  From an inspiration that came from something other than the Lisa sitting on her couch, I decided to see if I could partner with this wave of blissful energy.  The moment I felt it move down towards my legs I redirected it back upwards…. HOLY SHIT!!  Screw a sex partner, or even crystal enhancements, I just need a bowl pack!!  lol

The wave of energy, once filled with my own harnessing became like electricity, electricity that stimulates not fries.  The wave itself became circular once I participated in the movement (with my consciousness and NOTHING else) and almost became automatic once circulating.  In the root chakra out the heart (breasts) chakra… all originating from within and expanding outwards thru every bliss-filled cell of my body.  Somehow the tempo picked up and moved (circulated) faster and faster until my entire body exploded in the most intense and long-lasting orgasm I ever ever ever had.

I just want to emphasis here this was entirely a hands free event!!  (grin)

Even tho the crescendo exploded all over my living room (blush) I was still sitting there, vibrating to kingdom come.  I realized something huge happens when the intensity of the orgasm happens from deep within the core, as opposed to be an externally created event… that super sensitivity that happens and creates a “no touch zone” does not really happen when not externally produced, instead, it continues to vibrate for a very very very long time afterwards (well into an hour later.)

As I was sitting there wondering what the hell just happened… and most importantly HOW did this just happen, my entire memory went back to my experiences in the bathtub in 2001.  (Which I have detailed in Part 5 of The Lost Codes of Shambhala)   What happened within me in 2001 ignited the energy within, a full inner blending of my Divine Masculine and Feminine that obviously took me 12 years to fully work together within myself.

Yesterday, activated the outer energies of that Holy Union within.

A gift, produced from the heart of our earth and given in love by two friends, rocked my world and my mind from the inside out.  May it be returned amplified by 100!!

A bowl pack anyone???  (smirky grin)

((((HUGZ))))) filled with the magnetic intensity of Bliss exploding from the inside out into ALL of creation!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. A beautiful soul just pointed me in the direction of this timely song in relationship to this sharing and decided to add it here for all to feel: / link to original article


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