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Sophia Love – The Unraveling – 7 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

What we feel is not so much a sense of discomfort, as different.  As with anything new, this requires adjustment.  This place we are living is being reformed at our command.  With the energetic contribution of 7 billion+ beings, a new reality is being birthed.  None of you can say precisely what it’ll look like as its something else again.  All of our contributions are equally represented.

This is the unraveling.  Think of a rope.  There are many strands interwoven to reinforce the ONE.  It is actually made that way on purpose, for strength.  It is ONE rope, yet within it, co-existing, are all these strands wrapped around each other.  They each do the same thing from a different perspective – acting as ONE, yet distinctly unique. Continue reading

Crop Circle – Monument Hill – Devizes, Wiltshire UK – 8/6/13 – 7 August 2013

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John Ward – The Western Political Class – A Shrangri La-La-La-La Where Time Stands Still – 7 August 2013

JohnWI saw another example today of why I fear, under our current political system, I am doomed to remain disenfranchised. Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg has written a piece in Progress Online (‘News and Debate from the Progressive Community’) about how wicked Grammar Schools are/were, and how ‘the selection of children and damaging division they bring, are once again the Conservative answer to improving education’. As it happens, that’s complete balderdash from end to end, and completely inaccurate: Grammar schooling isn’t Tory policy (if only it was), selective approaches to educating children are best for everyone if done properly, and selection didn’t bring damaging division in the 1950s other than to those self-pitying types who chose to see it that way. Continue reading

AbsoluteDataExchange – Fear Is The Killer – 7 August 2013

57d62-absolutedataexchangeFirst off let’s get this straight:

Fear is the killer!

(And believe me I am more than aware of the irony in that statement.)

Read the whole story at : www.absolute-data-exchange.com / link to original article

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 713 – Leon Pittard On How To Grow Your Own Food – 7 August 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Leon Pittard of FairdinkumRadio.com joins us once again to discuss the process of getting off of the corporate farming food supply chain. We talk about Leon’s own gardening efforts, tips for developing nutritive soil, juicing, preparing and preserving homegrown foods, and motivation for those not blessed with a green thumb. You can follow Leon’s gardening progress at his YouTube channel, fairdinkumradio1. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Growing Herbs – 7 August 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI’ve always loved herbs, even as a little child. In their kitchen, my parents have a cross-stitched hanging with the words, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,” surrounded by blocked images and the names of herbs. If my dad ever wanted to get me to squeal with delight, all he’d have to do is read the names of all the herbs in order, really, really fast. It got me giggling and clapping every single time!

As a middle school student, I fell in love with Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series — but not because of the plot. It was the herbs! Isa, Ayla’s adoptive mother, knew everything about plants and herbal remedies. I used to page breathlessly through all the descriptions of plants, preparations, cooking and healing salves. Even when the series took a bit smuttier turn, the main thing that held my interest was Ayla’s seemingly magical ability to heal with herbs. I also liked the animal communication and shamanic journeys, but that’s another post. ;) Continue reading

OpedNews – Kremlin “Disappointed” Obama Calls Off Putin Talks, Decision “Snowden-Related – 7 August 2013

OpEdNewsOriginal published at RT

By calling off Obama’s visit to Moscow, the US has shown it is not ready to build relations on an equal footing, the Kremlin says. The Snowden situation, on which the decision was based, is not Russia’s fault, presidential aide Yury Ushakov stressed.

“We are disappointed by the US administration’s decision to cancel the visit of President Obama to Moscow that was planned for the beginning of September. It is clear that the decision is related to the situation around the former intelligence agency employee Snowden — something that was created not by us,” Ushakov told reporters on Wednesday. Continue reading