Teal Scott – How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode On Worry) – 7 August 2013

Uploaded on 3 August 2013 by TheSpiritualCatalyst

Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with things to worry about and people who think you should worry about them. The collective human belief is that danger is lurking around every turn. We are convinced that worrying keeps us and the ones that we love alive. We think it allows us to see potentially life threatening or unpleasant things before they come and so we can prepare for them. But not only is this not the case, it ensures that we will live miserable, fearful lives. Many of us, especially those of us who worry, feel as if the universe is against us. And the universe seems so much larger than us. So, it feels as if we are up against something we can’t win against. But nonetheless, we organisms of earth are survivalists and so we must try to win all the same. Our survival and basic human need of certainty is at risk if we don’t win. So, we use worry to try to outsmart our adversary. And our adversary is the universe.
In this episode, Teal provides eleven steps for eliminating worry.


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