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I think a great many light workers out there have expanded their minds greatly but find they are still standing in the same location. It is time to go further into who we are, what we are made of, what we are capable of. This shifting is not just about how high we can raise our consciousness, but it is also about discovering just what we are truly capable of doing, testing ourselves to find out what we are truly made of. Can we time travel? Can we communicate telepathically? Are we capable of changing loaves into fishes? Just who in fact are we in every sense of the word? I don’t think we have really investigated this part of the scenario before and it is time to stretch ourselves beyond just our 3D bodies and 5D minds. It goes way beyond being love as well even though that is a huge part of the equation. We are being asked to go into places in our minds we might not have ventured to before and figuring things out.

We are NOT our bodies. We’ve heard this a million times, we know this, and yet what are we doing about it? It’s as if we never even entertained the thought that we could do and be miraculous things. How will we ever know for sure unless we begin challenging ourselves to be more? There’s that word I love so much, challenge! It is a wonderful word that holds such monumental meaning. Challenge is invigorating, exciting, it creates movement, it pushes us to be more than we think we are, it is a life changer! Challenge should never be looked upon as negative for it has so many possibilities to create the positive. So we need to challenge ourselves into seeing how much more we can do or be than just our bodies. We will never have answers if we never challenge ourselves to try.

We’ve learned over the course of this long shift how important intention is in creating what we desire. It is time to join intention and desire and challenge to find out what we are made of, are we star-dust, are we God’s of sorts, are we magical? I think we will find we are far more than perhaps we are even capable of truly understanding. We seem to think we can do what we have always done in our bodies and that is the sum total of all we can do, of who we are. Why? Why do we let our imaginations stop there? Because we have been trained to stay inside the box and not venture out. This is what we are being asked to do now, to venture out, to allow ourselves to imagine ourselves completely different from what we have been doing. We must break these chains that bind us and explode forth into a whole new way of thinking and being, let our imaginations run wild so we find the truth.

Being love and learning to stay in our hearts has been critical for shifting and helping the world as well and we must continue to do this, but it is time to step out and go further. We have learned how to let things go and let God so to speak, well now we must dive deep into our imaginations and allow ourselves to wonder and question all kinds of things because the answers we are looking for will not be found here in our bodies in 3D. It is time to give ourselves permission to expand and become more no matter how crazy we sound to others, to release that control to be like everyone else, and explore all the possibilities of who we can be. The possibilities are endless and so are we.

Blessings to us all,

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