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Lisa Gawlas – Our Soul Umbrella’s And The Acceleration – 8 August 2013

lisagawlas2What an interesting day it was yesterday in my world.  First, to only be awake for 2 hours, flowing thru my sharing with ease, then suddenly, it was as if someone pulled the plug on my entire energy field and I could feel it running out and I became so tired.  Not physically tired, mentally depleted.  As soon as I published my blog, I hopped into a bath meditation hoping to recharge whatever just became drained.  For a fleeting moment, I was sure that was happening.  The moment I laid back and closed my eyes, I could see stepping-stones rising above me to the right, going upwards and outwards.  Then I seen a young girl in a frilly dress joyfully leaping barefooted upwards onto each stone… then it all just seemed to fade away.  The stones, which were about the size of a Frisbee and the girls dress (which I could only see her from the waist down) were visible thru a pink fuzzy energy.  I also knew this girl was me, the child within me.  I heard my team say “this is all you get.’  Heyyyyy!!  That’s not nice!!  I don’t even know what that means!! Continue reading

Peter And Lucas – Double Dutch Radio – Episode 7 – 8 August 2013

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All material can be spread freely with the correct name of the show as it is distributed and only in full. Editing and cutting up shows is not allowed. For other uses the makers of the show need to have expressed specific and written consent. Continue reading

TheRealNews – Bank Of America Escapes Criminal Charges For Securities Fraud – 8 August 2013

Uploaded on 8 August 2013 by TheRealNews Bill Black: Bank of America facing civil charges but BOA and other major financial fraudsters off the hook from criminal charges

The Rio Times – 2016 Olympics May Cost Us $700M More – 8 August 2013

The RioTimes

By Jack Whibley, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Monday, August 5th marked three years to go until the first Olympic Games to be held in South America will arrive in the city of Rio. Construction works on the Olympics’ main venues is reported to be on schedule, however a US$700 million budget shortfall has cast some concerns over the three year to go milestone.

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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Knowing When – 8 August 2013

JamyePrice2012closeupTime is not just your friend, it is your essence expressed in this physical dimension of Earth.  The linearity of time is a construct of physicality and it threads the dimensions into a fabric that connects the bridge of evolution.  Your essence is that of All.  You are an instaneous integration of All into a unit of measure, that measure being a bit that completes the Whole.  The interweaving is a magical, calculable essence of expression; thought into form, form into life.  The infusing of Life into all expression, from your perspective, is the function of Time.  Quietly now, connect within the essence of Time.  You have a clock within you.  You are within a dimensional clock.  And yet the ticking, the timing, is an interactive choice within the limits of your dimensional framework.  The bridge then, is now your opportunity to release the dominance of Time and access the co-creative nature of Time, a Resource that is available within you.

Visionkeeper – Create Beauty Wherever You Are…- 8 August 2013

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If I’ve learned one thing that has saved my life during these crazy times it has been to do the opposite of what isn’t working for me. It works like a charm every time not to mention it is constantly exercising my ability to think for myself,think outside the box and find ways to get around the boulders in my path. In short, it keeps me far away from victimhood! Many appear trapped in their destinies of woe as if they were slaves to their own unhappiness. How totally unnecessary. We can change our life situations any time we choose to do so. Think of it as a puzzle to be solved or a game like the Rubik’s cube. Instead of allowing ourselves to be burdened or pulled under by life’s unwanted situations, turn them into challenges to be solved, add some intrigue to the matter. Challenging ourselves builds our self-worth and keeps our brains functioning. We tend to forget our brains need exercise and attention as well as our bodies. We need a fit brain that is strong and bold and willing to leap outside the box, not mushy, sheep brains that follow along blindly. Continue reading

John Ward – Who Caused The Crash? The Re-Write Of History Begins – 8 August 2013

JohnWAmbrose Evans-Pritchard’s blanket blame apportionment this morning is a sick joke

I’m at a loss to understand these days what exactly is happening inside the head of The Daily Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ( or AEP is he’s more often known).

Towards the Left end of the spectrum, I’ve sort of grown used to Will Hutton’s continuing struggle to suggest that everything New Labour did was more or less right, but the bankers let them down. Blair and Brown supported everything the banks perpetrated between 2003-2008, and ignored the warnings of the thousands of us who said the economy was built on the shifting sands of paper-shuffling and derivative salamis. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – ISON, Sprites, 2nd CME At Earth, Hello Coronal Hole – 8 August 2013

Uploaded on 8 August 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Lucas – A Message : Come To That Space At My Table – 8 August 2013

Circle_frame.svgThere is a place at my table for all of you from where ever you come and where ever you go. It is there always as I have that space inside of me.

There is no hurt nor pain anymore in that space I call love and unity in all and for all. There is in it also  a space for you that has to overcome that what bothers you.  Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – A Message From Heather 6th August – 8 August 2013

A Message from Heather 8/6 

August 7, 2013


As Heather says below, it sounds like the order of events which needed to happen “is now complete.” Waiting to have a conversation with her to discuss further details. Therefore, I can offer no more detail or speculation at this time. What I will suggest is we all hold the space and set the intention for a peaceful unfolding of whatever is to come through the rest of August, into September…and beyond ~BK Continue reading