OpEdNews – Market Manipulation To Prop Up The Dollar: How Long Can It Continue? – 9 August 2013

OpEdNewsRepealing the Law of Supply and Demand

When you flood the market with widgets, it drives the price of widgets down.  That’s Econ 101, the Law of Supply and Demand.  The same principle says that when you try to borrow a ton of money all at once, you run out of people to borrow from, and have to pay a higher interest rate to get others to lend to you.  Borrowing drives the interest rate up.  It’s basic economics.

Imagine if it worked the other way.   Suppose you could keep making widgets until the cows come home, and use those widgets (somehow) to keep the price of widgets up.  That would be quite an operation – a sure-fire ticket to riches.  You would keep making more and more widgets, and the value of each widget would keep getting higher and higher.

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