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The world is designed to be insane right now, it is created to capture our attention and drag us away from what truly matters most in life. Do not succumb to being a part of this. Remove your self from all that is going on and being crammed down our throats and just step into yourselves and your own life you are creating away from the insanity. The quote in the picture indeed tells a thousand stories. It is showing us the way to a whole new way of life, one that is simplified and packed full of meaning. As we turn off the TV sets and stop reading the propaganda pages of the newspapers, we begin to slowly remember what life was really meant to be about. Connecting with the earth, connecting with one another and interacting with life on a deeply personal level, not superficially. When was the last time you stood somewhere in nature’s silence and felt the wind blow against your face and play with your hair?

I find it unthinkable today in the 21st century most still do not regard the earth as a living entity. We walk upon her everyday, we drive our cars upon her back everyday, we wait for her rain to make our gardens grow, her animals to feed us, her trees to give us shade and firewood to keep us warm in winter. We use her everyday but do we give thanks to her? Do we respect her as a living entity deserving of our caring? She lives and breathes yet we trample her everyday unmercifully and don’t realize that without her we could not be. How asleep we must be to destroy the very thing that gives us life and brings us joy. It is worth pondering deeply for a spell how we got to this place of blindness. It’s quite remarkable if you think about it.

If the earth is living and having a living experience, then it is obvious we can connect with her personally. She knows the difference of someone who is cutting down her trees and bulldozing her land and someone who is planting beautiful flowers and walking lightly upon her back. Make the effort to connect with her and live your life-giving back to her rather than taking from her. She will thank you in her own way. Earth is not just there outside our windows, a thing to look at and to be used and abused to our own selfish benefits. She is a part of us and we are a part of her just as we are a part of everything else.

We look upon the earth now and see the devastation that has been caused and still we continue to destroy her. If we are to truly live from our hearts we must open our hearts to her as well and show respect. Respect is a huge part of humanity that is lacking right now. It plays a key role in creating a life of harmony upon the earth. Let her be the lesson we learn, to respect ALL living inhabitants on and of the earth and beyond. Without respect there can be no peace and harmony in the world, there can be no NEW world without it.

Just as living beings cannot live without water, peace and love cannot exist without mutual respect. We have been without respect and strong morals for some time now and we must bring it back into our existence and practice it daily. Respect is a key component of love as well. If we are going to create the new world we all desire so strongly for our freedom, then we must earn that freedom by being loving and showing respect to all. Stop watching moral destroying, violent, mind twisting Hollywood movies that are disintegrating our morals and respect in every way possible. Turn off all the garbage and tune into nature and let the wind kiss your face and your toes bury themselves in the dirt. This where we will find harmony and peace. Be love to all.

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