Lisa Gawlas – The Groundwork, The Wild Rides Into The New… Of Shambhala Emerging – 10 August 2013

lisagawlas2For two days now, I have a vision that seems to linger in my mind, the first connection I had on the field Thursday.  A man walking onto his platform from the deep west (harvest and stored spiritual energy) of life surrounded by at least 10-15 of his “spiritual team.”  I knew this was his “construction crew” and each carried a unique ability and tool-set to facilitate the change in structure of what will be his outward life experience(s).  On the other side of his platform of life, near the east field (new beginnings) was a bronze colored magnetic pole with metal-like ropes stemming all from the very top and pulled taut into the ground.  The closest image I could find of what I had seen is this:

With the exception that there was nothing bunched up at the top, instead, it seemed as if each metal rope blended and emerged from his center magnetic pole.  Spirit explain the reason I was seeing the color bronze was to give the understanding of an “alloy” metal.  Several different things blended as one new metal/energy.  From what I understood in this significance is that he had laid down the framework of his next version of life and now, his entire construction crew has come in to bring it all to his manifested reality.

If we look at the significance of the magnetic pole, it represents the alignment of our heart energy, the most intense magnetic field of our bodies, with our soul desires.  If we are not aligned, at least to some degree, with our soul desires (which means the alignment is with the ego desires) there will be an absence of the magnetic pole in my field of vision.   This is neither good nor bad, we are all traveling to the same out come, each in our own time and in our own way.

This morning, I can see and understand the contrast between this image being anchored into the ground itself and the umbrella which is held just above our head/crown.  When a new spiritual attribute is presented to us (think, umbrella spoke) it is our responsibility to work with it and eventually make it a part of our living life.  When it is so anchored into us as a way of life, the umbrella spokes transform into this framework anchored into the earth for fuller expression.

Those spokes of the umbrella are the different variations of love.  Compassion, non-judgement, grace, service, unconditional love, Self love (without judgement or conditions,) joy, gratitude and the list can go on.  Our umbrella spokes have NOTHING to do with what we call our spiritual/psychic abilities.  Every ounce of our Self’s must be anchored truly from the heart and not the head.  However, as we anchor ourselves deeply into each fraction of the elements of LOVE, our spiritual abilities emerge and expand.

To make this clearer, and hopefully, much more relevant to each of us, I will go with the most familiar thing in me life, my own journey (since I am seeing it from that perspective anywayz.)  I spent the first 12 years of this path working all my various umbrella’s.  Getting out of the chaos that was my mind and my life, finding self-worth, acceptance, patience, and so much more (hence it taking 12 flipping years lol)   But equally, with each aspect anchored deeply into my life, my own life changed like crazy.  Moving (literally) what seems like all the time, expanding the spiritual abilities that were growing and emerging from deep within and using them to assist in whatever way I could with the energy of Love that was now a mainstay in my application to Life itself.   Meeting and connecting to people who would allow that energy, whatever phase I was in at the time, to be the trigger/catalyst of not doing things the old patterned way and watch myself, as if watching from the outside in, act and react so differently that all you can feel is the change is now permanent.

For me personally, the energy spots on earth, the people who would so trigger my next evolution were scattered about the USA.  In December 2011 my own construction crew came out of the woodwork to solidify my growing spirit/soul here in the untainted energy of the Jemez, anchored to hallowed ground, for the ongoing experiences unfolding, solidifying.  Living here, in this way, I have never found Life itself to be so…. easy.  The very moment I have a desire, it rises up out of the ashes and finds form in my fulfillment.  The absolute mundane as well as the spiritual.  And even with that, I hear my team say “this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Shambhala emerging.

In order to live the energy of Heaven on earth, we must first BE THAT very energy in all we say, think and do.  This new platform of life is energy system of earth, of you, of Shambhala.  This platform amplifies all that is within you to the created field of life.  You will move into amplified connections of others in similar energy streams, to assist each other in remembering and living the purity of Love (from what we would call heaven, not the concepts of love on earth)  so that as we, individually, strengthen the connection of Shambhala within, it expands outwards for others, and becomes a real and living energy system in that collective.

Several months ago, or was it last year?  Time really does blur… I recall so many people getting ready to enter their own “amusement park” and then, spirit was off on other symbolism’s… until this last week or so.  Suddenly, I have someone on what looks like a tilt-a-wheel, and their platform of life is rising up and down so fast as they seem to spin around in their own energy field.  Another, was on a ride called the “round up” and she was having a hard time decided where to strap herself in at (focus her energy) and was jumping from place to place.  Her teams advice was to pick a spot and strap in, the energy is going to pick up and get much more wild, if not strapped into some part of your own life with focus and diligence, you will be flopping around the entire ride as it moves up and down and round and round.  How we experience this profound moment in time is completely up to us.

I know for me personally, I have embarked on a roller coaster.  Some days I am at the top peak of the hill where I can see forever so clearly, only to go into a rapid decent and be completely offline until I start to journey back up another hill to see a whole new view of things and decide if I am going to apply that new understanding to my life without any time to really think about the answer… we just do it or we don’t.

I pray, I Am.

For those who dare to ride my roller coaster (which includes my daily up and down schedule of readings) thank you so much for being a passenger in my seat and allowing me to be one in yours.


I love You!!  ((((HUGZ))))

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