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Lucas – Living Memories – A New Pool Game – Energies Pulling – Becoming Butterflies – 11 August 2013


Picture by Richard Bartz of a Leopard Lacewing Cethoisa Cyane Butterfly

A new round of  living bad and good memories came to be present in people’s lives when the Lion was roaring in the skies.  Yes, people talking about extreme energy dips in having physical problems from a cold to flu-like symptoms , total exhausting and feeling tired and headaches, nausea, bi-locations and vivid lucid dreaming. All came along in the great changes and cleansing that swept the floor with some polarities that still exist or are a big theme in your life. The Lion was proud.

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Eileen Meyer – Freedom From Knowledge – 11 August 2013

eileenmeyerI remember when I first came across Krishnamurti’s work. His writings literally saved my life, as back in the 90′s I had not been in a very balanced place with the years of systematic “ripping of the veil” events that brutally exposed me to what lay “outside the box”. My heart and soul lay bare as a result of all the Big Giant Love visits that some would refer to as ET contact, and some with a label of Kundalini. At the time, I had little to no reflection with other people about it. I found that the usual avenues of so-called spiritual folk in my midst – i.e. ministers, psychics, and therapists – only made things more confusing. I was, after all, conversing with and attempting to glean insight within their own “addictions to knowledge”. Continue reading

AbsoluteDataExchange – Unusual Things Taking Place – 11 August 2013

57d62-absolutedataexchangeMy son in law went in to make an interest payment for a “Pay Day” loan.  There was a Texas State Auditor there and he asked to see his file after he was done making his payment.  A few days later he received a call from the Pay Day Business and was told his loan had been completely cleared and was wiped off their books.  She explained that they were no longer to give any loans of any kind, but they were open to accept payments on some of the loans and that they could only exchange currency for precious metals. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 11 August 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – The Power And Fulfillment Of Creator Energy Returning To Wholeness – 11 August 2013

lisagawlas2August is truly roaring thru my cells and my mind with energy, concepts and remembrances.  And yet, the richer the understandings become, the less I am able to put the understandings to words, at least with complete accuracy of explanation.  There equally seems to be some of the connections these days that are held steady in my processing vision, as if I had forgotten something so important that it just hangs there and lingers, beckoning me to remember. Continue reading

Mel V – Jim Humble Speaks Freedom Central About MMS – 11 August 2013

Uploaded on 11 August 2013 by rich freedomcentral What an honour it was to interview Jim Humble, a man who has pioneered the use of MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution, which has been effective in curing Malaria, HIV (?) related illness, cancer and Autism.

Visionkeeper – Hug Someone Today – 11 August 2013

Uploaded on 1 August 2008 byNewAgeEnlightenment This is one one of the most inspirational videos ever. It features music by Enigma and is titled “Hug for the World”
Good karma too you… (thanks to www.oneworldrising.wordpress.com)


BusinessInsider – Leaning In Pays Off : Sheryl Sandberg Clears $91 Million In Stock Sale – 11 August 2013

Sheryl_Sandberg_World_Economic_Forum_2013Facebook stock is finally above its IPO price of $38 per share.

On Friday, COO Sheryl Sandberg took the opportunity to sell $91 million worth of stock, according to SEC filings.

Sandberg still has stock and vesting options worth more than $1 billion, making her one of the world’s few self-made billionaire women.

Sandberg earned the money. When she joined Facebook in 2008, the place ran more like a frat house than a corporation. Under her guidance it’s grown into a $92 billion company with thousands of employees and fast-growing, multi-billion dollar profits.

Meanwhile, Sandberg’s memoir/feminist manifesto Lean In, has been the world’s second best-selling non-fiction book for months now.

Insanely impressive.

Blossom Goodchild – 11 August 2013

bloss_270711Welcome once again. Are you receiving me?

It is always with the greatest of Love that we do so.

One of the translators wanted to me to ask you about Muhammad and Islam and wanted more explanation for they felt there was a missing piece to the story. Are you able to speak on this? Continue reading

NPR – Chris Benderev – When Power Goes To Your Head, It May Shut Out Your Heart

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Even the smallest dose of power can change a person. You’ve probably seen it. Someone gets a promotion or a bit of fame and then, suddenly, they’re a little less friendly to the people beneath them.

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