Deborah Taylor – It’s Personal – 11 August 2013


I have waited a while to write something that I felt was worth sharing. Every day the same desire to cast my line out into the Cosmos and hook myself that one relevant feeling, that Collective Theme that could be shared and embedded into the ground as a marker post, has kept me going. Like a seasoned chief, I’ve thrust my gage into the fleshy part of the Universe, testing to see the “doneness” of our creations. Time and again the thermometer reading is the same. It registers; “It’s Personal”.

Up until now I have been quiet, thinking that the energies would change. I was waiting for the next wave to come though, some obvious swell of energetics that would capture my attention. Then I could distill, bottom line the experience and share it in words, but instead I have found that words actually have no place in this new energy. The term “a priori” seems to fit nicely, though. A priori knowledge is independent of experience. It is a knowing.

And in this knowing, I feel that we are spinning our personal visions of our worlds out of threads of light. We as creators are experiencing what it is like to physically align our worlds with our words and desires, consciously being responsible for our creations. Bring close what is true and vibrates the highest in joy for you. Any idea or postulation that does not feel right or fit into your version of your world is best pushed aside. Choose wisely. Your ideas, hopes and dreams that you hold close to your heart are starting to solidify and become your experience, your personal world. We are moving quickly along in this creative process.

Personally I am aware of my “new and improved” abilities to readily manifest. I am learning to harness my intent. I don’t believe in coincidences or synchronicity anymore because I can see how my intent fills the space and voilà! There is my desire. The more you open to the obvious, the more it becomes demystified and you realize that you are just taking back your god given nature, opening to who you’ve always been. I’m having fun waking from my ignorance, chuckling at the power I’ve given away. Your sense of humor is going to come in handy right about now.

And that’s all I have to say in this moment in time. Let it be known that I am jazzed beyond belief, feeling no fear of anything that might transpire in our unfolding. For me, it feels like clear sailing all the way and given your power of intent, I hope that you feel the same. We are here for the experience. As the saying goes; “If you talk all the time about something, you stop knowing anything about it.” Have fun.

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