Eileen Meyer – Freedom From Knowledge – 11 August 2013

eileenmeyerI remember when I first came across Krishnamurti’s work. His writings literally saved my life, as back in the 90′s I had not been in a very balanced place with the years of systematic “ripping of the veil” events that brutally exposed me to what lay “outside the box”. My heart and soul lay bare as a result of all the Big Giant Love visits that some would refer to as ET contact, and some with a label of Kundalini. At the time, I had little to no reflection with other people about it. I found that the usual avenues of so-called spiritual folk in my midst – i.e. ministers, psychics, and therapists – only made things more confusing. I was, after all, conversing with and attempting to glean insight within their own “addictions to knowledge”.

In other words, I could only swim with them in the smaller pool of what they had been taught by others, not by reference to actual experience. I was desperately seeking support and encouragement to remain on the planet – WITH this Love, but in the end, all of my support came only from this “beyond the known” Love. Over the years I grew to trust it; adapt to it, and to accept it as my own identity. After all, it is Love. It is Love beyond measure. And it is who we are. Sounds kind of funny to say that… that we require adaptation to it, but I found out first-hand that this is true.

I’m working on my book again, (working title) “God is Real, and Extraterrestrials Too: Remembering our Natural Language of Feeling-Knowing Frequency”, and I’m very clear that I have nothing to teach. I’d simply like to share my story. And I really have no agenda in writing it, though at the same time, I believe I would feel pure delight if you find my experiences to be helpful when these frequencies come knocking on your door… and you can be sure (if it hasn’t started tapping yet) that the frequency of Big Giant Love, will come knocking soon. It wants to set you free too.

Addiction to knowledge is like any other addiction;
it offers an escape from the fear of emptiness,
of loneliness, of frustration, the fear of being nothing.
The light of knowledge is a delicate covering
under which lies a darkness that the mind cannot penetrate. The mind is frightened of this unknown,
and so it escapes into knowledge,
into theories, hopes, imagination;
and this very knowledge is a hindrance
to the understanding of the unknown.
To put aside knowledge is to invite fear,
and to deny the mind,
which is the only instrument of perception one has,
is to be vulnerable to sorrow, to joy.
But it is not easy to put aside knowledge.
To be ignorant is not to be free of knowledge.
Ignorance is the lack of self-awareness;
and knowledge is ignorance when there is no
understanding of the ways of the self.
Understanding of the self is
freedom from knowledge.
Commentaries on Living Vol.1″

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