Lucas – Living Memories – A New Pool Game – Energies Pulling – Becoming Butterflies – 11 August 2013


Picture by Richard Bartz of a Leopard Lacewing Cethoisa Cyane Butterfly

A new round of  living bad and good memories came to be present in people’s lives when the Lion was roaring in the skies.  Yes, people talking about extreme energy dips in having physical problems from a cold to flu-like symptoms , total exhausting and feeling tired and headaches, nausea, bi-locations and vivid lucid dreaming. All came along in the great changes and cleansing that swept the floor with some polarities that still exist or are a big theme in your life. The Lion was proud.

The new ways of being were felt as being aligned into a new structure. Some feeling  re-birthing or having a re-birthing like experience and others having symbolic rebirthing  experiences.  Feeling of being pulled or stretched. Lots of scorpion’s that represent rebirth came along…. in many forms.  The dead of the old will bring the new about.  We will see changes happening. The pressure on heart and higher heart chakras is like the pressure on your third eye chakra  all part of that pulling and being aligned and your chakras being readied for your transformations, new codes and energies.

I still observe a lot of pool games played. To leave the balls just as they are on the table  is not good enough. The extremes are still being found and the balls get hit via the occasional ball knocked away into conflicting resonance and maybe  end up in a pocket with like-minded extremes.  Still the game and also competition is on. Why are you still competing? Does it make sense if we want the same. What is it that makes some other way is always better….., just a question? Is not every way that is from heart and from center coming and is for the good of all not always fine.  Is feeling your own resonance field not enough to say : Yep, it feels good, so let’s  do it.  The complex  thoughts, the issue of having matter as in ownership,  wealth accumulation, or value in any  form is stll provoking your mind.  Are those thoughts feeling good inside or when you feel int that place that is your heart?

Not having a thing but having it all available when needed is that not great. Do we not have it already? But we see not how to reach for it  as it is within you. Can we get to a point to set aside those ludicrous ways of being pulled out of the energy that is your own power within and no one elses. Are we needing to go into conflict about just being you or can you accept even when things or others are different that you and you and you are nothing more than all just a part of the one that we all are part of.  If we set aside the into you brain washed polarity, ego and other  issues that come up we can get into that same space where we see there is no conflict and we all just are.

The energies pulling things now in you out of balance are making you aware to feel and get those parts of you from multidimensional nature into your center again. You need to integrate and release and let go of that what is not needed anymore. The process of layers peeling aways is still on going. Memories become obsolete and  get wiped out.  We need to get our cache cleaned to  be freely being us without any need for any wandering off in memories of the past or in future expectations.  All is just now and it is. That is what all is just about. Now feeling and being you. Being you in the best way you ever can be you in this moment of now. It that not great.

The play has ended and the memories faded and expectations released. There is now more room created in this way to see the new and sense it.  All is becoming (still in speaking of time) clearer day by day and hour by hour. The moment of change is now. Just feel it and experience it. It is you that changes. All that is changed is not only an expression of it but also the expression of all those other parts in this play expressing their changes.  It feels like chaos but like a hell of a good chaos.  It is all playing out nicely even when it will be maybe in that unexpected way. When did source ever give you something that was not what you needed in that moment, even when it was not that what you “expected” it to be.  So await the change with an open mind, in the loving center where we all just are and nothing is in conflict anymore.

Becoming whole again takes a different  meaning as it is getting a new meaning it is not the becoming  whole in the sense of the old thought of realities becoming whole as a human, it is about becoming a whole new way of being and creating and c0-creating. You are  becoming full creator beings.  See the role you are going to be playing in the new paradigm. It is a responsibility that some envy and wanna take away as they know your inner power and what you are representing when fully transformed. But know source has given and it will not be taken away. So we soon will come after our caterpillar stage out of our cocoon and be transformed into a new beautiful butterfly.

Love and Light,


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