Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: You Will Emerge With Your True Selves Intact And Ready To Shine Even Brighter In Your Divinity – 12 August 2013


In all perpetuity it is written that you shall awaken. And shall it be so. And so it is. And this is what you are in the process of and this is what you are destined to do and this is what you are made of.  In all intents and purposes you have already done so. The pieces of the puzzle have been laid and you are containing the fabric of your awakening within your consciousness. It hasn’t totally materialized in many ways, but in many ways it has.

Think of it as all the light cells in your body being prepared for a flick of the switch when all conditions are right. You are illuminated so much now, and in a short while all will be readied for that higher beam to be prompted and switched on. You are not used to having that higher illumination yet in your physical bodies and you are being conditioned and readied through all these processes of late to be able to hold the deeper brighter light and sustain it in your bodies. You have gradually been readied and you are so much stronger and able to hold it within you. And to show it to the world.

And so it goes, and so it is. And this is why you feel at times you are at a standstill. But please know that you are building and strengthening to hold this higher light and frequency that will be such a burst and catalyst for immense change once it is able to be sustained within your physical bodies.

Allow this process to proceed, dear ones. Do not forsake yourselves. Do not be discouraged. For if you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would be astounded. You have reached an all-time high in your frequency and illumination. And you are sometimes looking at it through old lenses of the world you are leaving behind. Allow yourselves to sit and absorb and cherish this new feeling of lightness and illumination.

Maybe at times you feel like it doesn’t fit into the world as you see it or as you have seen it. But allow time to adjust. For there is happening a changeover to a new reality and the process is sometimes confusing.

And so it goes. And so it is. And it requires you to surrender and be with your newfound energy without analysis and judgment and trying to figure it all out. For it requires a little coasting within the new milieu; it requires a little letting go and floating amongst it in order to acclimate to it, dear ones.

And this is the time to call on us even more, to comfort and assist you in being with your new selves. For it is so unlike what you have been immersed in for so many eons. And the switchover feels a little rough at times, allowing yourselves to leave the curtains of yesteryear behind; coming through them brings you into such a bright light at times, that you may balk or be shocked at the emergence.

Yes, it is a little like culture shock to many of you, but be assured that it is your natural state. It is only a little like taking off a comfortable suit of clothing that you have worn so long you are so used to it, and being exposed to the elements at first feels a little unsettling. Allow the uncomfortableness, dear ones, and you shall be glad you did.

For the emergence of your true selves, with your new suit of clothing, so to speak, will suit you and fit you so much better. And you will remember what it felt like so many eons ago before you set out on this journey of enlightenment through years of scenarios built by you to experience separateness and confusion, only to know you would be emerging from it with the understanding necessary to be so sure of your divine nature.

Well, that knowing is coming to the surface now and it is becoming clearer and you shall not be disappointed.  Allow these energies that are bombarding you to do their work and all the while be assured that it is leading you to your final awakening and purpose, to your true selves, your Divine Selves, and to your collaboration with Oneness.

It has been a difficult road with many twists and turns, but be assured that those twists are leveling out now and you will emerge with your True Selves intact and ready to shine even brighter in your Divinity.

And we are there with you all the way, your brothers and sisters of the Celestial and Galactic Realm, and we remain ready to assist in any way you need. Call us into your hearts and be comforted by our presence. We are always by your side and in your hearts if you welcome us.

And I stand always ready to assist you,

Your loving brother, Yeshua

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