John Ward – Rural England : Why Cameron Over-Promise May Turn Into Fisticuffs – 12 August 2013

JohnWDavid Cameron as Zero Credibility

I think we should rename the Prime Minister Max Byalistock, as he is clearly onto the Mel Brooks scam from The Producers – whereby more promises are issued than can be kept, but it doesn’t matter once it’s all failed.

It now transpires that not only did Cameldung promise the builders tons of building, he also pledged infinite fracking to the cheeky frackers trying to dig up what’s left of our green and pleasant land. So it can only be a matter of time before fights break out between those trying to put in foundations and high-velocity water guns on the same patch of land.

This could spread very rapidly. A war between Hunt promises to Murdoch and BoJo promises to the Barclay twins. A punch-up between Gove promises to paedophiles and BoJo promises to Londoners. Where will it all end? /link to original article


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