Lisa Gawlas – Pregnant Life And The Living Vortex – 12 August 2013

lisagawlas2I am starting to feel like I have so many grains of sand in my hand they are starting to spill out on the floor.  Keeping up with all the bits of understanding and getting them placed together in my own version of sand art is becoming challenging.  Especially as my mornings are shrinking and my nights are becoming longer.

In one of my readings this week, the imagery and understanding was so profound that I boggle myself for not having shared it already.  For this one precious lady, I watched as an energy stream moved across her west field in a V like fashion.  The was representing both the masculine and feminine energy forming a point of easy penetration into my lovely ladies new platform of life.  It eventually took on the energy of sperm and ova.  Her life itself is the ova, the egg in which all life exists and the sperm the energy that moves it into created reality.

As I watched this energy start to penetrate her platform of life, it became very much like a fertilized egg in the womb, splitting first in two, then in 4, to 8 and so on until an embryo emerged.  What was kind of funny, even tho this cell division was happening to the entirety of her stage of life, when that fish looking embryo emerged, it was her new (and might I say, completely unrecognizable) new biology snuggled onto/into her platform of life that sort of reminded me of the placenta.  She was also told that while she was undergoing that cell division, there was little she could do, it would take all the energy around her and in her.  Once she emerged as the embryo itself, this is where the unlimited possibilities of creation exist for her as she becomes her next living expression of life.

Unlike the developing fetus in the mothers belly where all it has to do is grow from all the DNA programming firing in each moment, we must choose and apply the DNA programming emerging thru us into life.  It is our responsibility to birth ourselves new.  This place of responsibility is where so often, we abort ourselves and continue in the old version of who we are.

The new DNA of our lives do not come out in ready-made packages, instead it is a stream of energy one must follow, filled with trust in its eventual outcome.  This new energy does not come preloaded with pictures and diagrams of where it is taking you, because truly, the soul already knows, it is the incarnated mind that grapples with things like “Why would I want to do that or go there, I don’t know how, therefore I can’t,” and not to mention all the pro’s and con’s of any new situation.  So we tend to linger in the old because we cannot “see” the benefits of the new.  For our soul, it matters not, it knows it has a million more incarnations to get into this stream of living energy fluidly.  However, it will pull out all it knows to move you/us out of our comfort zones.

Then there is the stage of pregnant growth that, until this morning, I never connected.  I have seen several people placed right between the opening to their west gate (stored energy) and their life’s platform, to my view, they kind of looked wedged between the two.  A windfall of enhancing energy that serves very much like contractions in the mother does, the last big series of pushes into your new expanded life.

Don’t over think anything!!  Every pulse of desire is bringing you into the new expanded field of co-creative Living Life.  For example, my new nighttime escapades… It seems now, every night at about 9pm, when it is time for me to go to sleep, I get a power surge in my body and the new desire to go outside and play with the unseen world.  But it is becoming more than that, last night I actually seen their movement, the light energy zipping around.  Now we won’t even talk about my own fear of being outside in the dark, alone.  What it’s true purpose is and what it is building into, I have no clue.  I have just learned to trust these deep inner promptings/pulls and do it anyway, even as it interferes in my much-needed sleep and agenda’s for the next morning.  We can look at this (as I am hearing it being said) an interference pattern moving in and I hear a TV announcer say “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…”

It is one thing to see clearly in the light of day… and now… we as a collective, move into the deep unknown, the quantum world of life and set up home to play there.

August is truly the pivotal point of Life.  I see it as a living vortex of energy emerging from the ground, each one of us who dare to live differently than ever before, the very netting that creates the flow… no wonder our platforms of life have been circular… like I said, I have felt there is so much more to these platforms that spirit is letting us know… I have a feeling, we just got a little insight in this one paragraph.  Where words fail, action lives!!

With ohhh so much love and wonder wrapped in big bear (((HUGZ))) to ALL!!

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