Sophia Love – The Indiscriminate Lover – 12 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

We were wrong about love.  We know what it feels like; yet just a few of us know what it looks like.  We’ve tagged it with promises, dressed it up with rings, burdened it with contracts and misidentified it with more words – words like loyal, moral and only.  Love is not any of these – love is what you are.

Without the baggage, love is remarkable.  It shoots out at everyone indiscriminately; there are no loyalties or labels.  There is no hesitation.  Those of us reading this blog have learned the rules of love and either successfully or not, live within those definitions.  These new ones, born after December 21, 2012 – could care less about our boxes for love.  They’ve arrived with box cutters for the rest of us.
These are old souls who may or may not have been here before now.  There is no karma; they are here for the party.  Connecting with them is like enjoying the buzz with another soul who gets you on every level.  It is bliss, and bliss is where they reside.
They see and love us equally and exuberantly.  Contact with them could be cut off at any moment depending on their interest, yet there is no sense of loss or feeling cheated.  On the contrary, you are enlivened and grateful.  These individuals get it.  They are not here to bash through and change things as the Indigo’s have been described, or to demonstrate compassion and peace as the Crystal children.  They are lovers.
Those of us who’ve grown up already cannot envision the world they see, not clearly. Our sight is limited and constrained by boxes.  Marriage and family, religion and sex, skin color and age, class, income and nation are the walls we see through.  They have no such ideas; for them, we are ONE.
This is not because they are too little to understand.  They are ancient and they understand perfectly.  With them comes a new energy, the energy of play, of joy, of unencumbered life and indiscriminate love.  They have no concept of illness or restraint.  They do not understand having to do or to hold onto anything.  Everything they do is consciously self-driven.  They are completely chill; watching and waiting and happy.  They will re-define child care, human development and love.  Their world has no concept of a box.
It is their world we are setting up now.  A huge letting go will help us adjust.  This doesn’t mean throwing away current commitments or relationships.  We’re here with different agendas.  It does mean releasing judgments around lifestyles, living arrangements and moral codes. I suspect the highest expression of agape is completely amoral.  There can be no restrictions on a being of light.
If we are to transcend this density with comfort and ease we’ll take a cue from the newest amongst us.  They demonstrate a purity of intent, a focus and a force of passion that until now we’ve never seen.  The next time you run into one, reach out energetically and welcome them.  They are waiting and will eagerly blast you with enlightenment in physical form.
Let them show you what your new world looks like.  Without rules and absent limits, it is dripping Agape.  Their arrival is solid physical “evidence” that we’ve done it.  Your effort, your light and your love have created a world ready for these enlightened ones.  It is done.
You were the ones you were waiting for.

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