Lisa Gawlas – You Are The Living Energy Of Shambhala Creating… – 14 August 2013

lisagawlas2LIFE!!  What an extraordinary experience!!  Life is so filled with absolute diversity and commonality all at the same time.  The field of readings have become so diverse I am not even sure how to string them together to form an ongoing story, yet, I know, somewhere within it all, there is the commonality that ties it all together.  Finally, in the early afternoon yesterday spirit gave me a way to share what is happening now.

We have often described life as a massive puzzle and each one of us, an intricate piece in the living puzzle.  From what I was shown yesterday, In July we came and laid down our last connective puzzle pieces to “that” story, finishing that puzzle board of expression on a collective whole… our collective.  As July ended, we started to lay down the backboard that will hold the next brand new puzzle.  This backboard was formed by our collective desires, pure emotional energy that will give ongoing life to our next great puzzling adventure.

From the beginning of August thru now, we have been moving between charging up our core energy within the new platform of life (that backboard) and then moving off the platform to what I would call our outer life to begin the construction of the new outline of this amazing puzzle.

As spirit showed me the framework or border of a brand new puzzle yesterday, I had to contemplate the fact that we put together the energy and tapestry of our outer life before we even worked on our heart field, or inner life.  This morning I get a second way to view this… Birth.  When a baby comes into created life, the framework is already set up.  The parents, the place to live, the initial birth experiences… that is already done before arrival into creation.  Once the baby arrives, the center energy moves and changes around the border already set up.  Altho the border itself is set, the outline, viewable, it is what happens in the center of the puzzle, the energy and color variations, the quantumness of it all that really becomes the unlimited expression of each piece.

Now, let me bring back a word and make it much clearer… collective, namely our collective.  There are so many collective’s that abound on earth.  Collectives are groups of energy or thought forms that link together to form an area in which information is shared and expressed thru those who resonate and express in that area.  For example, there is still packets of fear collectives where power and money is the sole focus of their life agenda.  There is the awakening collective, where many folks are waking up from the deep illusion that anything in life is real and seeking to know and experience more (and even this, gives birth to other collectives as the experience takes these minds to higher experiences.)  All of these collectives eventually give rise to what many people call the Christ consciousness, which too, is a collective of energy that realizes all life starts and ends within their energy field and begin to live in that way in earnest.

Self Aware does not mean Self Mastered.

Beyond the Christ consciousness are more pockets of collectives, where those who became Self aware move into area’s of their own mastery.  Again, mastery has nothing to do with what we are capable of doing (example: psychic readings, energy work, telekinesis, bi-location, astral travel, etc) all of that is available to us at birth and for many, already developed the ability to do any one or several of those fun and very useful skills in other lifetimes.  That has nothing to do with Mastering the emotional body, no more than a 3-year-old who sits down to a piano and plays like a well-trained pianist, or 5-year-old who can paint like Picasso.

The only true and life changing mastery is the mastery of our emotional body…. ALL OF IT!

Beyond the Christ Consciousness is the vast energy field I call Shambhala.  Where we, as a living spiritual human, have the ability to bring in the fullness, the vastness of the pure energy we call Heaven, or the other side of the veil.

The collective energy of Shambhala consists of purifying the emotional field.  Where the energy of peace lives without any disharmony at all.  To tap into this beautiful collective is to join together with all the other energies purifying the energy of peace and day by day, applying it to their life and being the living expression of “that.”

What I am finding in the many readings that have taken place over the last couple of weeks, is many here on the ground have mastered at least three elements within their emotional body.  I have not been privy to know which emotions they are, spirit is still very good at keeping secrets, but I am beginning to see a bigger picture, and my God it is exciting.

To fully rarify three emotions and blend them into one, a complete wholeness of the once separate emotions that now form a an alloyed emotion, something new and bigger than it ever was singularly lays our true place of absolute power.  Conscious Creation.

We have developed so many exciting pockets of growing collective Shambhala energy, of purity that it truly is now coming alive within our personal lives and we are expanding it, together.

If one is busy trying to save the world, or the earth, or the sun (none of which needs saving at all, but that is a whole other collective) then one is exhausting their internal resources that will one day, change the world.  Gandhi has always had it right, change yourself and the world changes with you.  It cannot happen the other way around.

So these times we are in, these amazing and amplified times are asking you to focus on your Self.  Your Self expression, your Self mastery, Your complete and utter Self awareness in the recreational field called your life.  Become aware of any discordance within any aspect of emotion within and purify it.  Don’t even think about how… tell your Self, I am ready to purify this… whatever this is.  Let me assure you, the experiences will present themselves to you almost immediately and usually appear in the distortion field, or that emotion’s opposite.  Example, if you are working on non-judgement, instantly you will have many things you judge surrounding you… giving you the living tapestry to change that feeling within.

There is so much more to share, now that I am understanding the huge significance of this total and complete shift we are in, but alas, that must wait until tomorrow.

I love you all soul very very much.  Thank you for Being the living expression of Light in our evolving world.

((((HUGZ)))) of Living Love made manifest to ALL!!

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