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Must we have signs to read to show us the way to a better world? Are we so absorbed in ourselves and in our gadgets that we must be told to enjoy the beauty? What does that say about humanity? Does it show how far we have wandered from the path we were meant to be traveling? I know what I write so often is singing to the choir, but I always hope one person who reads will be enlightened to look at the world a different way. I would love to be the great ah ha maker in the world. I know I am not, I can only hope to reach one soul at a time. My whole life I was plagued by this feeling I could never live up to. I always felt I was meant to do something big that would change the world. For eons it seems I tried to think of a way to accomplish this but fell prey to a feeling of failure of meeting my challenge instead. The thought of having to create the change one person at a time didn’t sit well with me. Then I had my own ah ha moment. I realized that my time had come to face the goal I had come to do. How much bigger an ah ha moment can you have than realizing you are part of all those who are changing the paradigm of the world? I abandoned that useless feeling of failure and dove head first into choosing to create a new world one soul at a time, it’s all I can do, so I shall be happy with that.

I hope most people are getting the message to put down the technological gadgets and reconnect with the earth and silence and beauty. They are free and glorious gifts we have been given and yet we set them aside for items that we must pay big bucks for, that are often noisy and distracting and not so beautiful and peaceful to admire. Of course there is a time and place for everything. I am by no means bashing Techno gadgets altogether. We just have to learn to do things in moderation. Humanity tends to go overboard with everything and in doing so we lose the understanding that we must make room for more in life than just one thing. Balance is what we need to learn the art of! When it is time for our techno gadgets great as long as we make time for the silence and beauty of the earth as well. Balance keeps us flowing freely, imbalance places boulders on our path.

As I view the whole of humanity, if I was asked to sum up in a sentence what I see as being wrong, I would have to say ” Humanity needs to grow up”. It is like a reckless teenager who dodges all responsibility. It is time for humanity to become responsible because it wants to be responsible for doing what is right and what is good for the whole. As teenagers we tend to be self-absorbed and selfish and humanity has been this way as well. We have been all about what is good for us instead of asking what others may need. We are learning to change slowly and for that I am grateful. It is often painful to walk this world with an open heart and many times it can be lonely as well. It is thrilling to watch more people awaken as it gives me hope that our goal is being met as I speak. Our time has come!

Signs like the one in the picture above are necessary, mainly because we are disconnected from our hearts and from the earth. It is time for everyone to plug themselves back in and unplug from the insanity. There is such peace when one is centered in their heart. It feels wonderful to care about others, it is wonderful to find ourselves thinking in terms of the whole instead of about ourselves. It brings such depth to living that has been lacking most of our lives. Make a point to make time for others, even strangers as you pass along your path. Reach out and you will find the smile you get in return will light up your whole world as you just lit up theirs. Share yourself. You won’t regret a moment!

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