WeidnerLawBlog – BOMBSHELL – The Secret Lawsuit Has Finally Been Revealed- Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake (And Your Foreclosure Is A Fraud!) – 14 August 2013

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The enormity of the crimes that have been committed against defendants in foreclosure cases is easy for much of society to ignore.  Those who are defendants in foreclosure cases are, after all, those who deserve to suffer the consequences of failed generations of economic policy.  Those who are defendants in foreclosure cases are, after all, the people that deserve scorn and disgust and contempt because they chose to live in a country that gave away their jobs, their industry, their future.But far worse than the crimes and the consequences for the millions of Americans that are victims of the largest organized crime spree in the history of mankind is the fact that in order to accomplish this crime spree the criminals and their counterparts destroyed our nation’s civil legal system.Make no mistake, the “foreclosure crisis” as it has played out, and as it continues to play out all across this country is a complex and interconnected series of state sponsored crimes.  The crimes began when the loans were made, continued when the loans were sold to investors, continued when mortgage payments were loaded onto the international PONZI scheme that is mortgage securitization, then really ramped up when the criminals continued their crime sprees in state and federal courts all across this country.

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