Lucas – The Heart As Center – 15 August 2013

Heart-beatThe misuse of the polarities is shown to you in full as they ask you to bring them back to center, your heart.  That  center of all that what was the first to develop as you in the womb as flesh and blood physical being is your heart. It is the center of also your first brain that is your heart and it has 40.000 braincells that make it a more powerful tool then your brain ever will be.  Your heart is full of power and signals the brain.  It is the real power behind the vital signs of you.

In an other sense your heart is also a center for balance of that what makes up you in all the multidimensional aspects of you out there to be. The need to get the balance back in those polarities we have learned to live with via manipulations, education, upbringing, belief, science and dogmas, let us say all structures that are there to keep you off-center, is needed. I see a lot of movement in emotions, feelings, thoughts that push people towards integrating those polarities, reconciling them and giving them a space if needed in the center or let them go. The continuous stream of challenges that also are felt as negative experiences or attacks are just your reminders to get it to center.

The fools prerogative is to play or do that what is just opposite to the reality in such a way that it becomes funny.  Observing others play the cards of love on a table separate from the rest as hallelujah and amen boys and girls is not the same as being including it all in loving untiy. Love is not a word to use lightly. You might see that the word comes from an unconditional space that has no separation, judgement and opposites.  It is coming from the space which is connected with source when followed within and is in a continuous state of being all that is.

If we can get back to our heart space center and feel we will get closer to our goals of changing all than you ever will be in changing things if only doing them  on the outside of you. The center of balance that allows polarities to be in its neutral state without conflict is what makes things happen. It is the space new things and ideas can form. From that place thing can be manifesting without originating from a polarity conflict but from unity. The integral part of all  is that we are originating from One and are one with all. The heart plays in that connection between source and you and therefore all that is surrounding you, manifested and not manifested, that part of holding in essence oneness.

In going within and feeling the spinning of the opposites that toll around till found center you will find balance. We are in that process all in our own ways. Finding center in different levels of perception or in our own inner processes of the self and body is what we do.  All will always lead to center as we flow into that space of unity that holds base for all that is equally.  Let us speak of love if we can reach over toward that other side of the bridge without limitations  and holding back. .Seeing all is just part of the one is difficult as we grew up to belief good and evil exist in polarity always.

As always there are many shades, nuances or tones of green in all. Still it is just all green. As in light is not light but the absence of dark. As in dark is needed to experience the light.  Will we  unite our dark parts also back to that space in our heart to become whole again and see things for what they are. You will be challenged as fear and old or maybe new beliefs will hold you back from acknowledging your own darkness also.  We are now in the moment that this now is needed in our processes. All is given the same answer bring it back in the center of sources heart and your heart. Unite and become balanced. Whole.

Love and Light,


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