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Laughter is such a powerful expression of our emotions yet we often overlook its power. Because of life’s circumstances we are facing today so many people remain trapped in a serious even fearful mode where very little joy exists. Stress is so detrimental to our overall health, yet we are consumed by it and we wonder why our health is failing. It is so important for us to learn how to lighten up and enjoy life more. One way to maintain our health is to incorporate more laughter and joy into our lives. There used to be a time when TV and the movies used to provide humor that we could all enjoy. Those days seem gone as we are constantly bombarded with violence, anger, hopelessness and despair to take in as entertainment. I don’t think so! Why should watching people dying or being killed be accepted as entertainment? Why are so many not refusing to accept it? We have become such a warped society and it shows in our everyday behavior. A nation of medicated zombies who lust after violence and instant gratification from reality TV shows.

We are being so severely challenged right now in our efforts to maintain and expand ourselves. It is no wonder so many are suffering from stress and a lack of direction to follow in life. Now more than any other time in history it is imperative we embrace a spiritual lifestyle and leave the rat race behind. We will NEVER become better people by consuming a steady diet of violence and mayhem. We need to be consuming positive, inspiring information and laughing and feeling joy within. We will not find that on news channels promoting war and death and lies. We will not find it very often in our local movie theaters. It is time to research new ways to find what we need and release our need to be handed our warped entertainment on a silver platter by our dominating Government. We must find it on our own and create it for ourselves!

Choose to follow uplifting and positive websites that guarantee you pleasurable reading and even better, new knowledge that expands your unused brains! Seek out websites that make you happy, make you laugh or just supply you with the opportunity to converse with like-minded people. They are everywhere, just take the time to find them. You will be glad you did. How can we expect humanity to rise up and raise its consciousness if we remain stuck in the bowels of Government controlled media? Spend more time going to the library and choosing books that either expand your thinking or inspire you and bring you joy. It’s free and it does a body good to partake in such activities.

The world is heavy and dense right now, it weighs a person down and trying to maneuver through life is extremely challenging. We can lighten our load considerably if we make an effort to be loving and kind to others, for reaching out to others helps not only them but ourselves! Enjoy the pleasure of doing random acts of kindness for others. Choose positive people to be around, particularly those who find it easy to laugh along with you. Seek out people who think as you do, as conversations will flow much more freely and easily. If those around you don’t seem to get where you are coming from, don’t waste your energies on trying to make them see things your way. Move on and let them be who there are. Life is not that difficult really if you just make the effort to make a few changes that will bring more joy to yourself. Take control of your life and chose whats best for you and be at peace! Life is to be enjoyed not suffered through!

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