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BrianKelly’sBlog – Two Constitutions In The United States – 16 August 2013

Two Constitutions in the United States

August 16, 2013

There are many theories out there which claim, even the original constitution in 1776 was a great manipulation of the American people. That very well may be true. I share this story here, not to refute that claim, but to provide further context of how things changed drastically in this country in 1871, when our government went bankrupt, and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. was born. This piece also provides more reference points to explore, showing how everything falls under Vatican rule. Also including some new data I haven’t seen before breaking down how the President fits in to the puzzle. ~BK
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Bill Ballard – Ascending through the Birth Canal into New 5D Earth – I Feel Lost – 16 August 2013

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Laura Bruno – Garden Portals : From Imagination To Art To Full Bloom – 16 August 2013

laura-of-the-rocksOur downstairs bathroom is a magical place inside a magical place. When we first decided to move into this little cottage, I had some major decorating concerns. I loved having a downstairs bathroom, but the thought of someone leaving the bathroom door open and even (gasp!) the toilet lid up with a view from our kitchen table literally kept me up at night. I’m a bit of a feng shui freak because I am so sensitive to energies that I really need a beautiful, well designed and ordered space in order to function. I gave so much attention to the poor toilet that the poor thing actually clogged up during our second phase of move-in. It turned out not to be just the toilet itself but the entire line to the street, which hadn’t been flushed in who knows how long, since this renovated property was formerly the neighborhood blight. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Judging – E-Motion – Attracting – Outcome. Shattering The Illusion – 16 August 2013

lisagawlas2I spent the entirety of my day yesterday, expanding concepts and understandings.  For me personally, it is the greatest way to spend the first day of my personal New Year.  The more I attempted to write, the more the (surface) understandings of what I wanted to share, became clearer.

There are times when my own sharing opens a floodgate of broader concepts and applications that go so beyond what was shared.  My last sharing did exactly that, and yesterday, I was flooded!! Continue reading

ActivistPost – Record High Demand For Physical Gold Threatens To Break The Back Of The Paper Gold Market – 16 August 2013

Logo_activistpost-comFriday, August 16, 2013
Record High Demand For Physical Gold Threatens To Break The Back Of The Paper Gold Market
Michael Snyder
Activist Post

The demand for physical gold is exploding all over the world, and bullion banks are now experiencing a supply crunch that is absolutely unprecedented. As physical demand continues to rise, the massive Ponzi scheme that the bullion banks have been engaged in is going to become increasingly obvious, and at some point the lack of physical gold is going to break the back of the paper gold market and we are going to see the price of gold go to levels that we have never seen before. Continue reading

Today’s Show Archive : Double Dutch Radio – 16 August 2013

DoubleDutch Radio 08-16 by Doubledutch Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

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Visionkeeper – Imagine Freedom – 16 August 2013

balloons-boy-colorful-freedom-Favim.com-838487(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

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A major part of manifesting is intention as I am sure most already know. Intention is created when we envision what it is we are desiring and experiencing it with all of our senses as best we can. Imagine freedom! I would like to suggest we all set in place what we will do on the day we are handed our freedom. Will we celebrate and cheer our lungs out? Will we cry with joy? Will we feel gratitude? It is a good thing for us to think about because this time is not far off now. What will humanity do as a whole? It will be very interesting to witness this first hand. I imagine it as a day of mass picture snapping with cell phones to capture the moment to savor for times to come. I imagine strangers hugging and kissing strangers much like the famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse when the war was over. Continue reading

John Ward – Global Sell-Off : Your Read It Here First… – 16 August 2013

JohnWGlobal sell-off triggered by fears of end of US stimulus stalls in London

Maarten Horst – ET First Contact Radio With Dr Linda Hostalek – 16 August 2013

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NaturalNews – Smart Meters Exposed As part Of NSA ‘PRISM’ Spying Scam – 16 August 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2Smart Meters Exposed as part of NSA ‘PRISM’ Spying Scam

August 15, 2013

http://www.naturalnews.com/041446_smart_meters_national_mandate_surveillance.html(NaturalNews) There is a sinister agenda underway to forcibly convert every standard electric meter in the U.S. to the “smart” variety under the guise of promoting renewable energy interests. And one of the latest pieces of Trojan horse legislation pushing for this ominous transformation is the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013, introduced by Representative Jerry McNerney (D-Cal.) and co-authored by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Penn.), which would force utilities all across the country to convert their customers to smart meters. Continue reading