AscensionPioneers – Our Divine Gifts & Abilities – 16 August 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Today is the day of the Beloved Mother Mary’s assumption (Ascension), and I have felt the Divine energy of Her Presence deeply while recording a video for You/Us out in the woods. All of a sudden, I started crying towards the end of my video, not being able to do anything about it, it came so naturally. I was deeply touched as I was feeling a deep sense of Gratitude and connection to All That Is. So many lovely Souls are connecting with me and Ascension Pioneers and I AM feeling the immense support from everyone, in the physical and in the subtle realms. I AM in such awe, because I AM completing a huge cycle in my life, in the 30 years of my existence in this realm of Being. There is nothing but appreciation left in my humble Heart, and once more … tears are falling from my eyes.

The guidance from Spirit, Mother Mary and all of the Light Realms is that it’s time for us Ascension Pioneers to use our Divine Gifts and abilities and utilize them in a way that serves us and the greater Whole. The more authentic are Self confident we are in it, the more infinite abundance we create through it all. We are all shifting in our purpose, and those of us who have been asking for a change for a while now, are in it for a whole new cycle. We are not to hide in the “spiritual closet” anymore, but instead … fearlessly claim the vibration and the role that belongs to us on a deep Soul level. We are shifting into a purpose that is much more intimate, and it’s here for us as well, not just for others. It needs to come through Magic, because we are all magical Beings … children of the Divine. It is like a mixture of Being here for us and for All in great Unity.

That is why we all deserve to serve in a way that brings us immense Joy within the authentic vibration signature that we carry within our Being. This is happening now. All those ready for it are stepping into the front lines. Nothing can hold us back anymore, for it is happening. In my Ascension messages/readings, I see this overall shift in people, and everyone is somehow shifting in their purpose, even those who are already on a “spiritual mission,” for this mission is now refining and re-aligning more with our Soul Essence and true Heart’s desires. Let us step into what we have been waiting for so long! Again … it is time Now!

Within Divine Love, Polona


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