Maarten Horst – ET First Contact Radio With Dr Linda Hostalek – 16 August 2013

Uploaded on 12 August 2013 by Maarten Horst

Dr Linda Hostalek is a medical intuitive, Andean-trained shaman, artist, author, and holistic physician. She weaves the teachings of the earth and human energetic systems, with medical and spiritual insight. As a master ceremonialist and teacher, she helps people to live in the energetic stream and to restore the mind body and spirit back to health and vibrancy.
Her interests include travel, speaking, painting, and being in the natural world. Her travels have taken her to sacred places throughout the globe where she has encountered mystical realms of being. She strives to bring the wisdom she has encountered to the people she encounters through her workshops, writings and artwork. As a being who has come from the stars, she helps others to discover their star family and how that fits in to who they are today. Her Pleiadean heritage has taken her to many power points throughout the world, each contributing to her healing ability and sense of being. She now teaches those methods to others star beings. Today she live in the sacred land of Lemuria, which is the sacred land of Hawaii. She also has a love of tropical fish and can be found with a mask, snorkel and fins whenever she gets a chance to visit the underworld other world.