Visionkeeper – Imagine Freedom – 16 August 2013 by

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A major part of manifesting is intention as I am sure most already know. Intention is created when we envision what it is we are desiring and experiencing it with all of our senses as best we can. Imagine freedom! I would like to suggest we all set in place what we will do on the day we are handed our freedom. Will we celebrate and cheer our lungs out? Will we cry with joy? Will we feel gratitude? It is a good thing for us to think about because this time is not far off now. What will humanity do as a whole? It will be very interesting to witness this first hand. I imagine it as a day of mass picture snapping with cell phones to capture the moment to savor for times to come. I imagine strangers hugging and kissing strangers much like the famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse when the war was over.

We need to consider this time before it gets here, how will we react? This occasion will be like other moments in time where we have worked for something and then it comes and then it is gone. Kind of like Christmas. Could there be a let down when we finally reach our goal? What will we do when there is no longer a battle to be waged? We need to get right within ourselves now so we are prepared. Caged animals often are frightened when offered freedom. We think we will know when the time comes, but how can we really? It’s never been done before. Suddenly having all fears lifted, all worries cease I would imagine could be quite unsettling. If we are firmly planted in our hearts, follow synchronicity and care deeply for all others I think all will be well. So we must work on these things and be ready.

What will we do with all of our free time when our need to work is no longer forced upon us? Who will we be without our labels of Doctor, Lawyer, farmer? For so long we have allowed these labels to define who we are. Will we feel less than without them or will we feel complete without them now? Life has been set up for us for so long, few have been on their own to just be. Life as we know it from so many angles will become something new. Our footing may become unsteady without the familiar beneath our feet. This is why it is so essential to know who we REALLY are, not who we have created ourselves to be. Who are we when all the Glitz and Glam and titles are stripped away? Do we love who this person is? Do we feel secure with them?

It is easy to think about the wonders and excitement of being free and what it will be like, it will be another to actually live it. Not that it is a bad thing in any sort of way! We just need to be ready for whatever it brings to our lives. It will be different for each person. Those who are deep into their labels and becoming who those labels say they are, may find it tough to suddenly let them drop away should they choose to no longer follow that path. We just don’t have a clue what that moment of freedom will be like, the best we can do is  to try to imagine it as wonderful and exciting and breath-taking in every way thereby creating it. Discover who you REALLY are and get ready to live a new life as a new you. link to original article