5DMediaNetwork – The Remembering Blog Talk Show Recording – 16 August 2013

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Join our hosts Matthew Beal, Darius Wright and Emilio Testa for “The Remembering”
–    Unconditional Love
–    Life as an Inside Job
–    From Doing to Being
–    Power of Focused Intention
–    Developing Mental Awareness
–    Neutral Observer Point of Witness
–    Manifestation and the Creative Formula
–    The Ego Personality
–    New Paradigm Relationships
–    Playing in Darkness, Returning Home
–    The Matrix & Illusions
–    3D Fears
–    Free Will & Self Sovereignty
–    Freedom and Personal Responsibility
–    Holding the Space of NOW
–    Resonance and Dissonance
–    Ascension; Shifts in Frequency
–    OPPT and energy dynamics



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