Lisa Gawals – Shambhala And Our Divine Counterpart…- 17 August 2013

lisagawlas2I threatened to put out a sharing a few weeks ago about how my team has explained the term “Divine Counterpart” to me, of course, I never did get to it.  At least, not until today.  However, thanx to a few questions that were asked in readings this last week, I can now share with a clarity of understanding I did not have until, really, yesterday.

For the 13 years I have actively been communicating with my spiritual team, and yours, not once, ever, did they use any sort of “labels” to group something or another together.  They had been adamant within me to not assign labels to anything.   Especially the labels of “soul mate,” “twin soul,” “twin flame,”  hell, they do not even like using the label “dimension” because all of it has been interpreted in so many ways, given so many contrasting meanings that they would rather not leave anything to misinterpretation.  That is, until they started talking about “Divine Counterparts.”  This “label” came out in 2010 during an unexpected series of intense meditation visitations from my long gone mentor.

When I started to write about Divine Counterparts and what I did know about that label, many people, like myself, started yearning for their own Divine Counterpart and very much like me, beyond meditation and showing up in our created reality.  In readings, I started seeing their arrival.  Ohhhh the language of light can be very tricky when interpreted thru the human filter (me.)  Plus, throw in human desire (my own) and it is very easy to take what it once meant, and change it to what you want it to mean.  Hence the many interpretations of so many things.  I too, have done exactly that, and for that, I am deeply sorry (for the confusion.)

So let me back way up, as if I had never shared this information before, and start from the beginning of the energy of Divine Counterpart and how my team has come to use it.

Back in 2007, when I first started to receive downloads and uploads about what Shambhala was, what it could mean to us here on earth, my whole focus of dedicated passion harnessed itself in that direction… and continues thru today.  Everything I do, everything I think, everything I share is in an attempt to create the clarity within each of us to live Shambhala.  To live Heaven on earth.  To live thru the Sanskrit definition of Shambhala: Peace, Love and Harmony right here on earth.

I think I now understand why, over the last several years, I have had an almost obsession with hearing and reading about other people’s dynamic NDE’s (near death experiences.)  It allows me to re-member more, strive for more purity of emotion within my own life, to bring more fully to my created life that perfection of my soul while in body.  YOU have been my greatest and clearest catalyst for my own growth and clarity.  I take your readings, every single reading, deep into my heart.  YOU truly are my greatest soul mirror.

One of the first teachings my team gave me about Shambhala was how important our sexual energy is in that landscape, within our own landscape of emotional creation.  Our soul energy is equal parts of dreamer energy (divine feminine) and creator energy (divine masculine) and before we can fully and completely LIVE Shambhala in our personal creation of Life, we MUST live it, BE it in body and full expression first and that truly is a soul-o journey deep within the soul mind, the soul heart of expression and experience.

But it does come dressed in some pretty awesome clothes!!

However, to be fully Self Aware, Self Empowered, your own truth of any given thing any given experience, must become crystal clear in our awareness, especially when disguised as something else.

Ya know, for as much as I share, there is so much I do not share.  But it seems, until I share this full understanding of my own self, of my journey, the greater story in which I sat to write, is being held back… dammit!!

When my spiritual path began in earnest this amazing man crossed my computer path and became my lifeline to the hell and wonder I was going thru.  I call him my mentor, but he never set himself up as that and truly, I never seen him as that, I just use it as one of those labels to give his role in my life a bigger and clearer meaning.  He truly was, the living expression of what could be while in body.  It didn’t matter that I only knew him via a computer and that he lived on the other side of the planet, his presence in my world gave birth to the magic beyond the illusion.  His soul energy seeped into mine, in meditations, in my dream world and obviously thru that damn computer forum.  His presence and lack of human communication brought up every conceivable dysfunction within me and he didn’t even have to try.  His soul on the other hand, would take my sexual energies to places that would make the greatest romance novelist blush.  Of course, I fell madly in-love with him… because, that is what we do as a human.  I have documented our journeys together and am not going to repeat them here.  In July of 2002, when he asked me to withdraw my energy’s, my life from his, is the time that thingie on my back developed.  A festering at the back of my heart, towards my right scapula.  My reach for love, for soul love in my life became puss filled, my outward expression of my unresolved feelings about myself.  I would pick at it, puncture it, terrify it until it became a hard red bump on my back.  I had it burned off in 2004 and never gave any more attention to that area.

That is, until it started growing again in February 2011.  This growth accelerated in size and depth thru 2012, thru the height of my own expanded awareness and ongoing heavenly experiences that his soul energy would come to ignite within me, always thru the intense vibration of sexual energy.  Geez Louise.

When that thingie was diagnosed as a level four malignant melanoma and after my initial melt down of that diagnosis, I headed to my bath for understanding.  I was shown the timeline of when it first appeared, July 2002.  I so got the connection, what I had to come to terms with, was the trigger that created the evolution of cancer… what was eating at me from my past (back) that I was still very emotionally connected to (right side of the body.)

I have always had a steady scar of where that thingie was removed in 2004 but in February of 2011, just a few months prior, I had found on the internet that my soul companion (at least in the bathtub) had gotten married and was expecting a child.  I thought I was happy for him!!  Obviously not so much!! lol  Well, I was not so happy for me.  Quietly and consistently. I was eating at myself, thank God (errrr… thank my body) it was only at the skin level.

At the surface of my awareness, I really thought my mentor was going to be the human key to open the reality of Shambhala on earth and the fact that that was no longer even a remote potential now (not that it ever was before) grew my unresolved feelings of not being able to take this journey fully into life’s expression.

What I find incredibly interesting, that thingie on my back accelerated in growth and size the moment Jorge showed up in my meditations.  I didn’t put the two together until later, in my deeper reflections of my cancer journey.  There was a time and now I cannot even remember if it was pre or post surgery when my mentor and Jorge started both showing up together, putting a whole new spin on a threesome!!  (grin)

What I never could understand, again, until recently was why.  Why in heaven would they both show up in my meditations and well… ya know (blush.)  It is so vividly clear to me now, I trust the soul energy of my mentor 200%.  It didn’t matter how convoluted the landscape of life seemed to be, in that place, in the presence of his soul, there was nothing but unconditional love and unwavering trust in his Presence.  I did not share that place with the energy of Jorge, even tho, thru various meditations my team kept telling me he was the masculine part of my wholeness.  Funny how we can trust someone else more than even our own selves.

In his own extraordinary way, thru massive rabbit holes that can only happen in meditation, the mantle of power of creator energy was handed off to…. Me.  To the Jorge that is Me.  The energy stream I kept hidden within me, that manifested as cancer on me, both went back to the realms of pure loving Light.  I am no longer leaning on the wisdom and energetic guidance of another to be the shining Light of co-creation in my inner or outer world.

I feel absolutely blessed to have traveled thru this experience in its entirety.  A true learning lesson filled with love and magic and greater openings that could not have happened in any other way.

And the realization I Am my Divine Counterpart…. phew.  Takes a lot of the waiting out, cuz Here I Am.  Here You Are too.

I have said, for years now, I want a spiritual equal to be my partner.  There is nobody in all of creation that is more spiritually equal to you, than You.  The exchange is unparalleled in experience when partnered with the true depth of your soul energy, your soul consciousness.

When we harness the fullness of our soul, of our love and abilities as a whole and complete Being, phew baby, that is the moment Heaven flows effortlessly into our created reality.  To want for no-thing outside of yourself is the very moment it arrives in our created life, or at least, begins the arrival.

I have asked a million times in as many ways, will Jorge ever be flesh and blood.  Something I can actually experience in created reality… not that the energetic reality is a bad thing, but we are in created reality after all.  Each and every time, I would get a resounding…. YES!!  A year and a half later…. doubt can easily creep in.

But truly, it was my lack of understanding, or really desiring to understand the whole story line, I really just wanted to fast forward to created experience (I do that a lot.)  My focus become so loud and so strong on having the physical experience I pulled the most amazing blued eyed man to my created reality.  Which gave me the unparalleled clarity of what my desire really was about.  Incredible physical sex is only a small part of the potential available to us.  Without the true energy of being in love, that feeling that exists so wholly, so expansively when you are in love is the only true fuel to ignite the portals and passage ways available into the deeper realms of Shambhala.

Being in love is not something you can fake or talk yourself into, it truly is a chemical reaction within the body.  The chemicals change the flow within the entirety of the two Beings experiencing “in loveness” to create a whole energy field that combines both fields into a new unified field thru the exchange of sexual merging.

Whats funny, with my mentor, I was madly and deeply in love with his soul but I didn’t know the human at all.  That was never more clear than the week we got to spend together in physical reality.  I didn’t know the human that sat and shared with me, I was not in love with that part of him.  But man, put that man to sleep and my body and soul just wanted to merge back to his Source, that which I knew intimately.

Of course, in 2007 I had my amazing escapade with Frank, the tip of the true iceberg revealed, the carrot to keep me chasing, clarifying, this Shambhala energy.  In love and foreplay together.  To be in body and out-of-body in full participating consciousness at the same time.  A 30 second preview of what we are capable of… Holy shit batman, I am dedicatedly in this to win it…fully!! (smile)

So, the Divine Counterpart is and always has been, your Self.  To fully engage with this counterpart, you must have an ongoing, interactive relationship with your self.  Not as a concept, but as living experiences beyond the physical reality.  To step beyond our created reality experience and be taken consciousness to and thru the vast expanse of life beyond limitations.  Can I just give a huge shout out in the direction of meditation (and I am not talking about breathing and getting still, to me, that is the doorway to heaven and if you don’t go beyond that…. well… lets just say you need to open the door of experience!!)

Somewhere in the last several months I gave up on Jorge ever putting on human skin and knocking at my back door.  Spirit would call this surrender, I call it giving up waiting!! From that moment on, Jorge stopped showing up in my meditations… to my human mind, affirming the release of his Presence in my created reality with skin and bones.  But boy was I mistaken.

Over the last month or so, spirit had started talking about life being a living meditation.  That is, to experience the depths of possibilities that are readily available in meditation, within our created world.  Until recently, the only place I get fully sexually activated was in my bath.  But lately, that breeze blows thru me in unexpected ways and very unexpected times thru out my day.  I found it odd, really odd, but never gave it much more thought than that.  (Hey, I am busy.)  Occasionally i would follow the flow of sexual energy into experience, each time, my team requested no bath but to be in my “living” environment.  Who am I to argue… and where the hell did the questioner go??

The one thing I have learned in doing readings, your energy system is vastly different when connected to the actual physical body than it is when I am not reading your body (phone readings vs massage readings) and I had the very same experience when I got to hang out with my (then) mentor for 5 blissful days.

So why am I so surprised that the energy signature that was Jorge in meditation (which is actually me, making this even more mind boggling to myself) would become so different when in my physical environment showing up as a breeze of energy, igniting my own energy system.

Again, among the million things I share about myself, there are equal amounts I don’t… at least not until it becomes so important to the ongoing experience, evolution that to withhold it depletes the forward motion of our vastly changing reality.

My orgasmic marijuana experience.   What I completely left out in that sharing was as I channeled the energy in a circular motion from heart to root, a form started to take place just outside of myself.  Pure energy, no biological visual, but an energy form that may as well have been physical, in every conceivable way.  (smile, blush)  The simultaneous exchange of energy of pure feeling (physically speaking) of that energy.  The memory of which still boggles and excites my ever-expanding mind.

This really takes the phrase “we are the ones we have been waiting for” to a whole new level of understanding and experience!!

So in my readings, when anyone asked about their divine counterpart arriving, for those that were near that potential, I had always seen someone of the opposite sex walking towards them.  What I equally misinterpreted was the fact that it was the opposite sex even if I knew that person preferred the same-sex.  I assumed that in my language of light it was to show the clarity of relationship energy as opposed to a new friend showing up in their life.  Of course, I equally assumed the vision I was seeing was a physical human, and in reality, it will one day be physical… but not until we have experienced the fullness and completion of our relationship with our divine counterpart of Self.

To fall madly, deeply and completely in love with our own Self on every level of Loving experience possible (body and soul.)  And then, and only then, do we start to draw the energy into our physical experience of creation.

Crazy huh?

and yet…. so freakin exiting too!!

I am hanging up my keyboard on that note.  There is obviously much more to share…

(((((HUGZ))))) of bliss and wild, whacky love to ALL!!

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