Lucas – Rebirthing In An Undefined World – Enjoy Your Pregnancy! – 17 August 2017

170px-Baby_anthony_liekens_01.svgThe newswire is ticking and the feeling of chaos on the inside and outside of you and the feeling of the imminent moment of change nearing is making people go into their lethargic state. The feeling of being displaced here in this world as a being is not new. This feeling is only becoming more clearly visual for some to see. They are really already in that what  some call “5D” as in a dormant state till ready. I say the multidimensional realm to it as I have done before in articles some while ago. The being readied for the transformation can only be complete when we traveled to the point of our new undefined world where we are going to (co)create. 

The way people are more and more feeling that things need not be out-of-place as things can be just as they are without having a label, definition or pattern and will find their balance if extremes are removed or integrated in the neutral space of one.  It is becoming clear for people who go through those processes that they are more at ease, peaceful and do not worry about things like systems, beliefs and activism anymore. They see more and more that their words and language given to them as a tool confuses and controls. Language and words is becoming less relevant as it can not describe the things anymore that we experience in the now.

Bi-location, lucid-dreaming, travels in a conscious state of being, smelling things as never before, seeing things in new ways,  etc.  All are just examples of the greatness of your being in its almost complete state. There is for all a shift and growth in their way taking place. Even to those maybe now still not being aware. They will catch up in a swift process of transition also. Nobody will be left behind as we came her to make this happen.  What is played out now behind and in front of the scenes I could explain as fairy tales but  that is wrong. Everybody will contribute in their way towards the change and transitioning to come.  If we can speak of levels, as  that it is just label, you could say it plays out on several layers.  The feeling of being in multiple realms (or “dimension 3,4,5) is just a part of that.

Know nothing is misplaced in the creation of source and all has purpose and meaning. We will see our growth in interaction with others and our experience in talents, skills on our life path as becoming multidimensional lightbeings of the 5th kind and higher.  The only way is up…..  And I am referring to the vibrational energy frequency we all are constantly upped in.  The codes of our god being are transferred within step by step. Lots of thought of things are opposite their real meaning. Lots of contractions and pressures felt now are really signs of your expansion. Lot of you thoughts of sicknesses, aches and pains are just growing pains.

Whatever you will do or feel, know your focus is only on being centered. Not going in thinking what, how or why. Just be in the now and stay in center not going into extremes or wandering of out of your power in center is sufficient. The feeling or rebirthing or being in a birth canal is normal if your are forced out of a lower density and need to pop out into that higher density. It feels like and for some it is really feeling like going through a birthing or re-birthing process with all the feelings and experiences of it.  It is for everybody different. For some the rebirth  is symbolic and for some just energetically feeling shifting or pulled out.  It is all just an expression of the same.

We are going to be rebirthed in a  new undefined world ‘Soon”.  I love but it makes clear that time is not important in this anymore.  It is called the undefined because nobody knows what will be as we are going to (co)create it new. We did already our best in all sorts of ways to create a fifth dimensional world in the current old paradigm in groups or in projects. It is just good for training but not what we really are going to  see in the new.  We will learn to create in totally new ways and even grander than ever thought of before. Undefined means what it says. The being afraid of the unknown and the new has never served us. So know to be the explorers and architects of your new world to be.

Go be in the now! Have fun  in the center and see all dancing in harmony around you or coming to center.  It is. We are.  We the ones are one. Enjoy your pregnancy!

Love and Light,


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