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5DMediaNetwork – The Re-Purposing Blog talk Radio19/20 August – NOTE TIME CHANGE – 19 August 2013

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This week is a very special episode. We will be broadcasting on location at Lake Conjola NSW Australia where for the past three days the inaugural One Peoples Ascended Living gathering has been held. Continue reading

POOF – Ness – Susan & Zap – Bridge Over Troubled Water – 18 August 2013

poofPOOFness for AUG 18: “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”

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Greece Fires Privatisation Agency Chairman Following Private Jet Story – 18 August 2013

The Guardian UK

Stelios Stavridis forced to resign after report he travelled on plane of businessman who had just bought stake in state firm

Greece dismissed the chairman of its privatisation agency on Sunday after a newspaper reported that he travelled on the private plane of a businessman who had bought a state company.

Stelios Stavridis is the second head of HRADF to leave in less than six months, trigger further concerns about Greece’s ailing privatisation programme, which is a key part of the country’s €240bn (£205bn) bailout by the EU and the International Monetary Fund.

Read the whole story at:  www.theguardian.com/link to original  article

BrianKelly’sBlog – Never Talk To The Police (Video) – 18 August 2013

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AmericanKabuki – Quick Project XIII Update – 18 August 2013

I spoke with Caleb this morning and he gave me this picture of the Windows Desktop Project XIII app. He expects this will be ready for release in 2-3 weeks.  It works now but the layout of it has to be adapted to the PC format and screen shape and way of doing things.  Apparently its  a fairly simple translation from the Windows Phone version.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 18 August 2013

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