Laura Bruno – Risk False Security To Gain Wholeness – When You Receive Direction From Your Intuitive Self Do You Listen? – 18 August 2013

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Have you noticed how more and more you are being asked to trust your intuition and follow through in support of what its message is? Intuition seems to be a common and prevalent theme to pay attention to, from what I’m hearing, sensing, and experiencing, and what I find is that we simply don’t have the luxury or the grace period we used to, to NOT listen and act up on it anymore.

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Wise words from my sweet, synchronous soul sister, Tania Marie. I always tell surprised clients that walking further along the spiritual path leads to *less* leeway in following or ignoring intuition. Imagine yourself on a high wire. You can do and see some amazing things, but if you walk or lean too far off that line, you’re up *pretty* high! If you’ve taken the time to hone your intuition and connection with your guides, then it’s really wise to answer the call when intuition phones in. Great sharing by Tania!

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