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Sophia Love – The Ultimate Addiction – 18 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

You are human.  Gloriously, exuberantly, perfectly human.  There is no better version of you.  Let go of your “higher” self.  You are multi-faceted.  You have lots of parts. There is one version of you, the one with an expanded view, who has decided to watch you now, joining this life you are living.  Your life.  The messy one.  The one with you in it.

What is going to emerge at the other end of all of this is another version of us.  Call it what you want, time is an illusion and Oneness is truth.  This means that we didn’t “start” anywhere and there are no “higher” parts of ourselves holding wisdom we don’t yet have.  It’s all you, all the time. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Experts Reflect On Egypt’s Turmoil – 18 August 2013


(Lucas : See also who is  writing certain things or is commenting in a certain way. Look from what position, from what institute of university or organization, from what country or government they are and also follow the money stream, who gets paid by whom or what? You might see why certain news or even facts get an other color or even meaning instantly. Made this remark in general for all article’s that I post!)

A cross section of Middle East analysts discuss the implications of the latest wave of violence in Egypt.

The body count is rising across Egypt. The latest crackdown on demonstrators by the interim government has the potential to ignite a prolonged period of violence in the Arab world’s most populous country.

The recent wave of unrest began when the military and social movements ousted Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first elected president. Critics of Morsi and his backers in the Muslim Brotherhood say the former president was acting like a dictator who had lost popular support, and thus he needed to be deposed in order to pave the way for new elections.

www.commondreams.org/ link to original article

Egypt Protests : Boston And Woolwich Style : Pallywood Comes To Egypt : Crisis Actors Caught Faking Injury : Morsi Is A Gonner: Message From Egypt : This Is The Real News – 18 August 2013


(Lucas : An other view on Egypt that is not from mainstream media. Discern yourselves as I say always.)

First of all Time for you to switch the mainstream TV off  if you really want to know what is going down in Egypt:

photo-crisis op

Here is what is really happening in Egypt: Continue reading

CommonDreams – NSA Revelations Of Privacy Breaches ‘The Tip Of The Iceberg’ – 18 August 2013

common-dreamsLeading critics of NSA Ron Wyden and Mark Udall say ‘public deserves to know more about violations of secret court orders’

by Spencer Ackerman

Two US senators on the intelligence committee said on Friday that thousands of annual violations by the National Security Agency on its own restrictions were “the tip of the iceberg.”

Read the whole story at : www.commondreams.org/ link to article

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Creation Space Is Non-Linear – 18 August 2013

LarryLarsonQ: To me infinite means it’s all right here right now. and any part of it is capable of manifesting physically at any time. That seems different than a universe that goes just goes on and on in a straight line.  Can you talk with us about infinite nonphysical vs. really really big?

It’s a good distinction to make, between a universe that’s really really big, and a Universe that is infinite. That which is really, really big is still linear and limited. It’s like looking at your national product and recognizing that there is great abundance there. But still it’s only so many trillions and trillions of dollars; so there might not be enough some day. Hmmmm…and then doing the math and deciding that there can only be so much for so many people…and then deciding that must be the limit of it. It’s like drawing a line in the sand somewhere saying, “That’s it, here’s the point where we will run out.” Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – Your Signature Is Your Most Valuable Property! – 18 August 2013


Your Signature is Your Most Valuable Property!
August 17, 2013

Always remember to sign “without prejudice” before and above your signature! This simple process reserves all your unalienable rights. ~BK

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Jon Rappoport – New Owner At Washington Post: Packaging Insanity In Bubbles – 18 August 2013


There is deep context for every political story in the news. Of course, the networks and major newspapers don’t explore it. But it’s there if one wants to bother tracking it down.

How do you cover “quantitative easing” (printing endless money) unless you discuss what the Federal Reserve is and isn’t? You can’t. You get a body with its head chopped off. You get severely truncated information. Continue reading

CLN – A Friend Follows His Intuition And Fulfils His Dream – 18 August 2013

consciouslifenewsIf you read Parenting Teenage Girls online magazine you may have noticed we place a lot of importance on following one’s intuition. We believe it’s a very important thing to do, particularly right now. It’s also something that will benefit you, your family, as well as the greater good. More specifically, everyone is uplifted in some way when you follows your intuition. (An aside: I have discovered that when you follow your intuition not only do you benefit, but also everyone and everything else around you, because everything and everyone is connected to you through the Divine–which you access when you connect within and follow your inner guidance. But that’s a subject that we will say more about in a future article…) Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Decisions Have To Be Made – 18 August 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

In terms of the world, to trust or not trust, it is better to trust than not to trust. In God you trust. Next to God, in yourself, you trust. It is no favor for you to give too much responsibility of yourself over to another.

Good partners do not always agree. You can have good trust in each other, and yet know that you will not always agree. Did you really think you would? Sometimes life itself is disagreement meeting disagreement.

Everyone sees out of his own eyes. In that sense, everyone is right, including the partner who sees the opposite to the way you do.   Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – We Are The Cosmic Coffee Filters – 18 August 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are the Cosmic Coffee Filters

We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers.  Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies within the typhoon of life.  Everything seems overwhelming, so all-encompassing.  We feel powerless and less powerful than we have in a long time. Every morning we wake up to a new day, a new opportunity, a new dilemma.  With our first breath and first thought we set up the energies for the entire day.  We can breathe in the vast possibilities of a day filled with miracles and dreams come true, or we can breathe in a day just like yesterday, nothing more, nothing less. Continue reading